Party beaches in Thailand

Thailand is one of the best places in Asia to come partying. Not least becasue many of the parties take place with thousands of poeple on the beautiful tropical beaches. Check out the best beach party spots in Thailand here.

Perhaps among the most legendary aspects of a visit to Thailand for many young backpackers are the notorious party beaches dotted around the country. Whether you’re going to rave it up at one of the beach parties in Thailand, or simply want to know where they are, here we’ve provided you with a list of the best beach party scenes in Thailand.

Party Beaches in Phuket Thailand

Although Phuket has several quality beaches, by far the busiest and most active at night is Patong beach.  Patong beach itself isn’t the largest or most beautiful beach in Phuket but the entire area surrounding the beach comes to life at night. Among the facilities on offer are a plethora of restaurants, both Thai and foreign, as well as hundreds of bars.  There are also a few nightclubs which are particularly popular with young visitors, ensuring a steady flow of human traffic along Patong beach into the early morning.  Although some parts of Patong may be a little too seedy for some visitors, the area surrounding the beach is generally safe and families can be seen enjoying a stroll along the promenade well into the night.

Party Beaches in Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya is the red light capital of Thailand which means it’s especially popular with young single men and not so suitable for families with children. Originally established as a resting spot for off duty US military personnel during the Vietnam War, Pattaya has remained a place for drinking and partying ever since.  There are literally hundreds or bars, go-go bars and clubs all around Pattaya which means there should be something to suit the musical tastes of nearly everyone.

Party Beaches on Koh Samui Thailand

Koh Samui is the main Tourist Island situated in the gulf of Thailand. Koh Samui receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year who come to enjoy the idyllic tropical island surroundings. Chawang Beach is the main centre of partying and nightlife on the Island with the usual array of restaurants, bars and a few nightclubs comparable to Patong beach in Phuket.

Party Beaches on Koh Phangan Thailand

Koh Phangnan is the smaller sister island of Koh Samui which although much smaller than Samui has one monthly attraction that pulls in thousands of young foreigners and Thais alike: The full moon party. The full moon party has legendary status among backpackers from all over the world who come in the hundreds of thousands yearly to experience this massive party that takes place on the 15th of every lunar month. The entire beach at Haad Rin is taken over by thousands of young people hoping between the dozens of bars each blaring out their own music from loudspeakers.

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