Thai Silver Beads

Looking for information on Thai silver beads? Want to know who makes these silver beads and how? Our guide to genuine Thai silver beads gives you the historical and cultural facts & information you want to know.

It takes the finesse and immense delicacy of an extra-ordinary blessed villager to create a master-piece, a common man can only dream off achieving. If rocket science and technology is the order of the day today, never can the value of an immaculate handicraft be ignored. This is because this is the old school tradition that has its own uniqueness that cannot be replaced with the use of machines.  The glorious Thai silver beads are no short of an unbelievable piece of artistry in the field of hand-crafted jewelry making. Not only does Thailand have the credit of possessing this rich form of art it also has the privilege of possessing the skilled craftsmen who make this form of jewelry.

Karen Thai Silver Beads

There are certain qualities that one must possess in order to be able to produce work the likes of this. Amongst them are that you have to be an honest, hardworking, willing and hugely skilled individual to create pieces of such quality, you also have to have a big history in this workmanship. For so many centuries, in northern Thailand, a tribe by the name of “Karen” pride themselves in making these lovely pieces of art. These villagers, extremely simple in nature and lifestyle, don’t have anything to show to you when it comes to the “how it’s made” issue, apart for some simple ordinary tools.

Thai Sterling silver Beads

But what they have got to show to you are some of the most unprecedented designs of silver beads and pendants. Any design that you can possibly imagine has already been created by the people of the village. Extraordinary Flower designs, leaves, charms, beads, spacers, clasps, bead caps and cones, all made with silver which is 99% pure are the trademark designs of this village. To put the icing on the cake, they offer silver in a luxurious 23 carrot gold Vermeil. This gold coating makes it more durable and gives a feel of a gold glow to the customer.

If till now you have not been addicted to thoughts of these magnificent creations, you should now be. How simple and humble are those supremely skilled villagers, they sell their diamond for a mere consolation! Whether it’s a pity or not, an extremely low cost package can make your mouths water!

Thai Hill Tribe Silver Beads

The hill tribe Thai silver is unique compared to its other counterparts like Indian silver, Mexican silver and that of Bali in Indonesia. This is mostly because it stands out in the purity of the metal as high as 99% as mentioned above, but also due to the softness of the metal which enables intensely delicate work. Also beads made by the Hill tribes seem to depict natural beauty more than its counterparts. They say that craftsmanship directly depends upon the nature of the worker. Not difficult to judge that Thai Heroes are perhaps naturalists, is it? If you too are a naturalist that looks for pure work of skilled craftsmanship then the Thai silver beads are defiantly worth a look.

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