Car Rental in Turkey

Are you thinking about renting a car in Turkey? On this page we’ve mentioned some things you should consider when choosing a car rental agency in Turkey

Car rental in Turkey is expensive partly because of the high taxes that are paid on importing cars into Turkey. Car rental in Turkey provides the traveler with great freedom to travel all across Turkey, especially to the less touristy rural areas. If the cost of renting a car in Turkey can be spread between a few people then car rental can be a great way to get around at an affordable price.

Car rental information in Turkey

The minimum age for car rental in Turkey is 19 however people wishing to rent more expensive cars should usually be at least 27. When you go to the car rental agency in Turkey you will need a major credit card to make the payment, as well as quite a hefty cash deposit. All the big cities and towns in Turkey such as Istanbul and Izmir have branches of the main international car rental agencies that are found anywhere else in the world although there are also smaller local car rental agencies in Turkey. The main advantage of using an international car rental agency in Turkey is that the staff there will always speak some English. You can also contact these car rental agencies in Turkey well in advance of your trip in order to find out prices and maybe get a discount in low season. The local car rental agencies probably won’t speak much English but if you’re prepared to try them you’ll find many of them willing to help and you may find prices slightly lower here.

Car rental tips in Turkey

The two most important things you should be aware of when you go to the car rental agency in Turkey is whether mileage is included or extra and also who pays for damage in the event of an accident. If you’re planning to do a lot of driving in Turkey then choose a car rental agency that offers unlimited mileage in the price as otherwise you could end up paying double the initial car rental price.

Car rental prices

It’s a good idea to shop around before deciding on which car rental agency in Turkey to use because services and packages differ. Some car rental agencies will offer to drop off and pick up the car free of charge while others may charge for this. Only the most expensive cars available for rental in Turkey come with air conditioning and automatic transmissions. The vast majority cars available for rental in Turkey are manual transmission without a/c. Depending on the car model you prefer and the season you chose to visit Turkey, prices can range from $400 -$800.

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