French Indian War Timeline

Doing a report on the French Indian War? Want a timeline of the French Indian War? Our guide sets out all the most important events of the French Indian War in an easy to read timeline.

The British had the custom of naming wars after the king in power. The French Indian war however was named after their opponents as there was already a war named after the then king. The war started in 1754 and lasted 7 years. Here is the French Indian war timeline.

1752-1753: Agitation grows – Tension between French and English colonies competing for lands heightens. Minor clashes occur especially within the rural areas.

November-December 1753: The message – George Washington is given a message to the French colony over French encroachment to French Captain Legardeur de Saint-Pierre at Riviere aux Boeufs. He refuses and rejects the message.

May 28, 1754: first battle – George Washington leads the first attract at Ohio Valley and defeats the French in an unexpected attack. He then retreats to Great Meadows and proceeds to build Fort Necessity.

July 3, 1754: The French attack and take Fort Necessity.

July 17, 1754: Washington’s resignation – Is blamed for the loss at Fort Necessity. Washington later resigns to return later as a volunteer for British authority.

June 17, 1755: The British attack and seize Acadia (Nova Scotia)

July 9, 1755: The “Battle of the Wilderness” – General Braddock’s of Britain is defeated in Pennsylvania, leaving backwoods of the British territory undefended.

September 9, 1755: The Battle at Lake George – Colonel William Johnson of Britain engages and win France forces, Colonel Johnson becomes hero of the war.

At this point in the timeline of the French Indian War the war becomes official.

May 8-9, 1756: War Declarations – Britain and France declare war on each other.

August 14, 1756: Fort Oswego – This fort by the Great Lakes is captured by the French.

August 8, 1757: Fort William Henry – The commander-in-chief of the French forces, Louis-Joseph de Montcalm, commander-in-chief of France forces captures Fort William Henry. Massacre follows.

July 8, 1758: The French captures Fort Ticonderoga

At this point in the timeline of the French Indian War the tide of victory begins to turn in favor of the British.

July 26, 1758: Louisbourg – British troops capture Louisbourg and open route to Canada.

August 27, 1758: Fort Frontenac – The French fail to defend this fort and surrenders the fort by Lake Ontario. This destroys communication route with troops in Ohio Valley.

October 21, 1758: British/Indian Peace – British makes peace with some Indian troops- Shawnee, Iroquois and Delaware Indians.

November 26, 1758: British captures lost Fort Duquesne and changes name to “Pittsburgh.”

May 1, 1759: The French island of Guadeloupe, Caribbean is captured by the British.

June 26, 1759: British capture Fort Ticonderoga

July 25, 1759: Route to Victory – British captures Fort Niagara; French surrenders Crown Point. The British thus control the whole western frontier.

September 13, 1759: Quebec – Battle of Quebec occurs and the British are victorious. Commanding generals of the British and French armies die in battle.

May 16, 1760: French attempts a Siege of Quebec and fails

September 8, 1760: Montreal – Montreal is captured by the British; French completely surrenders Canada.

September 15, 1760: British flag flies over Detroit, War come to an end.

1761: British make peace with Cherokee Indians

September 18, 1762: French unsuccessfully attempts to recapture Newfoundland.

February 10, 1763: Peace Treaty of Paris -France and British Sign peace treaty and share lands.

April 27, 1763: Indian Uprisings – The Ottowa Indian Chief, gathers Ottowas, Hurons and Potawatomies to attack Detroit.

May 9, 1763: Battle at Detroit – Combined Indian forces lay siege at Detroit. In the summer, they destroy Venago forts, Presque Isle and Le Boeuf..

July 1763: British men in order to protect the garrison of Fort Pitt infect Indian chiefs with infected blankets taken from the smallpox hospital. Threatened with an epidemic, Indians retreat.

October 31, 1763: Pontiac falls at Detriot.

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