Lynch Turkey Calls

Want to buy Lynch turkey calls? Read on for facts and info that will help you to select the perfect lynch turkey call for your hunting expedition…

The wild turkey makes a range of different vocalizations. They are known as clucks, gobbles, putts, yelps, purrs, crackles, kee-kees and cutts. Lynch turkey calls are specially designed instruments that produce accurate turkey calls which enable hunters to attract turkeys on their hunting expeditions.

Lynch produces a wide variety of turkey calls so as to cover the entire spectrum of sounds that a turkey can make. This is because it is not possible for a hunter to predict what kind of sound the turkey will be making and what kind of sound it will be attracted to. This is why a good hunter needs to be able to use these different types of turkey calls and have at least some of them in his possession. From the high pitched yelps to the conventional gobbles you will find turkey calls producing exactly the same sounds that you can expect from a turkey.

Some of the different kinds of lynch turkey calls that are available in the market are mentioned below:

Turkey Box Calls

These were the first turkey calls to be developed. They function with the help of a friction system that is created by a sliding action of the lid of the box across its surface. Turkey box calls are easy to make use of and are also regarded as being the loudest of them all.

Turkey Friction Calls

Friction calls are also widely used primarily because of their ability to produce highly accurate sounds and the ease of use that they have to offer. In order to produce the sound you will be required to pull a striker or a peg across the surface of the item. You will find Lynch friction turkey calls to be made using aluminum, slate and glass amongst other materials.

Push-Pull Turkey Calls

This is perhaps the easiest of all turkey calls to make use of and on top of that they produce highly realistic sounds. As the name suggests all you have to do is push or pull a button which is situated at one end of the call.

Tube Turkey Calls

Many hunters prefer to go with the tube turkey calls. This is primarily because you can produce a diverse range of turkey calls from the same instrument. This makes it a great investment which you can use to produce everything from gobbles to purrs. They are composed of small hollow barrels that are attached with latex rubber bands across the top half of their body.

Wingbone turkey calls

As the name suggests these turkey calls were made using the wing bones of turkeys. They had a suction type system. The hunter had to make forceful and quick suction motions in order to produce the desired sound. However, wing bone turkey calls could only produce yelps and were effective in limited conditions.

Above mentioned are just some of the fine examples of the kind of Lynch turkey calls that you will be able to find in the market. You can make your choice based on your personal preference.

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