Ohio Deer And Turkey Expo

Planning to visit the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo? Discover the different seminars and contests at the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo…

The Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo is held annually and consists of different seminars and contests for hunters. There are basically seminars on hunting skills as well as hunting equipment. One area is specifically set up for dealing with hunting gear and equipment, covering topics like optics, firearms, turkey decoys and how to do successful decoying. Apart from that you can get information on firearms and archery as well as the use of black powder and slug guns for hunting turkey and deer.

A special section focuses on different hunting clothes as well as fabrics which suit your hunting trips and keep you warm during the long hours of hunting. Footwear is in a  class of its own and there are many recommendations by guest speakers for people hunting in different areas.

The seminars extend beyond hunters’ requirements and move on to speak about managing food plots, butchering and processing meat, as well as handling and cooking the wild foods and game that you hunt.

Seminars on the hunting skills required for deer hunting and traditional Ohio turkey hunting practices will focus on the basics for new hunters as well as tips for professionals. One aim is to educate youngsters who want to start off hunting and they are welcomed along with their parents to take in short lectures on basic skills required to hunt in the wild.

Contests at the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo

To make the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo a very exciting time there are many contests which include the Ohio Whitetail deer trophy contest as well as displays. Around 350 people enter this contest where measuring and scoring is conducted by the members of the Buckeye Big Buck club and utilizes a scoring system established by Boone & Crockett / Pope & Young.

Trail camera photography contests are another important facet of the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo and contestants display examples of unique wildlife activities minus the impact of human beings in the animal’s life.

The outdoor photo contest helps you display your memories and photography skills by entering the contest and generally has more than 200 photographs entered by contestants on an annual basis.

For experienced turkey hunters there is the chance to enter the Ohio State turkey calling contest.

Events and Demonstrations at the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo

You can check out beautiful and entertaining archery tricks by an experienced archer as well as check out demonstrations on how to handle meat and freeze or thaw game meat very safely.

Learn how to cook venison and other wild meat while enjoying delicious foods that experienced hunters are constantly preparing at this venue. You can even purchase wild food and venison cookbooks to try out the recipes at home.

Children will enjoy different activities like trying out the airguns, archery and laser guns at the different shooting ranges. Professionals and adult range supervisors will equip the kids with basic skills required for learning the safe operation of firearms and archery equipment.

These trained personnel will provide shooting and safety equipment. The different displays include hunting products and various accessories from manufacturers who exhibit at the expo. These include clothing, firearms, cookbooks as well as turkey call closeouts among other things. Each product display is equipped with a manufacturer’s details and product information. You can browse at your leisure without being accosted by salesmen.

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