Blue Italian Greyhound

Interested in purchasing a blue Italian greyhound? Want to know how & why this breed of greyhound has developed its unusual blue color? Read on…

Dogs by nature are extremely easy to please. This is why people love having them as pets. Although in the good old days one would never have had such a whimsical attitude towards dogs because they were either used for hunting or as guard dogs. Today however people keep dogs for the sake of personal pleasure. Dogs tend to be quite hungry for affection and just like over indulgence with them can make them happy neglecting can make them blue. There is one breed of dog however that’s perpetually blue but not in terms of mood rather in terms of color. Generally blue is not considered a likely color for dogs but the there is a specific Italian greyhound that is known as the blue Italian greyhound.

Blue Greyhound Exclusivity

Don’t expect to see an electric blue on a dog. The blue color of the Italian greyhound is more towards grey and black. But the blue tint is definite. Amongst the wide range of colors that the Italian greyhound is available in, the blue one seems to be highly valued by the dog lovers. This is because it is amongst the most unique dogs that you will be able to find out there. As it is the Italian greyhound is looked upon as a very exquisite dog to own. Add to that the color blue and you have an extremely exclusive pet.

Scientific Studies

So what makes the blue Italian greyhound blue? Specialists have tried hard to study the DNA structure of the color combinations found in Italian greyhounds. So far they have not come up with anything more definite than probable suggestions as to how and why the different colors are formed. Moreover these color combination codes are far too ambiguous for the general public to put their minds to. For the vast majority of dog lovers it is the actual color of the dog that matters not the how and why.

Breeding Blue Italian Greyhounds

Most breeders are bound to have blue Italian greyhounds amongst their collection of dogs available for sale. This is because there is great demand for the dog in this color. Moreover it is not difficult to breed blue Italian greyhounds. These dogs are by nature very timid and demanding of affection from their owners. A blue Italian greyhound is likely to get even bluer if it is not given the proper care. This breed of dog has been accustomed to luxury as it used to be part of the Royal court houses of Italy back in the seventeenth century.

Caring for Your Blue Italian Greyhound

The coat of the blue Italian greyhound consists of short and fine hair. It gives off a nice glossy finish which even shines and the light reflects off of it. In order to keep the coat shining a dog owner will be required to keep the dog clean. This is done by washing the dog on a regular basis to make sure no grime deposits on the coat. Although the blue Italian greyhound has really short hair it still needs to be brushed in order to keep it soft and shining. The blue coat of a blue Italian greyhound may very well turn black if it is not maintained by the dog owner.

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