Turkey Shoot Guns

Want to buy turkey shoot guns? Read on for facts and info that will help you find the ideal turkey shoot gun for your spring hunting…

Turkey hunting is a popular sport especially during the spring season when they are found in great abundance. However, in order to enjoy your turkey shooting experience to the maximum you need to acquire the appropriate shotguns for the purpose.

Interested individuals have plenty of options to go for when looking for turkey shoot guns. Up until a few years ago all you needed to have was a scattergun and some bullets to go turkey hunting. Today however you will have to do a considerable amount of hunting to look for the right kind of gun for your requirement.

The shotguns of today have been specifically designed for the purpose of facilitating turkey hunting. Before you go turkey hunting you should know that turkeys are not dumb, rather they are one of the most difficult targets to kill. In order to hit a perfect strike at a gobbler you need to get it right between its head from a distance of at least fifty yards or more.

Turkey Shoot Guns Options

The conventional turkey hunting gun was the 10 gauge shotgun. This was used because the people believed that a larger load would enable them to get a cleaner hit. However, the heavy gun made it difficult to enjoy the spring hunting experience. The 12 gauge gun with a 3 to 3 that makes use of half shells is a better alternative that can help you achieve the same results but is much lighter to carry. Some turkey hunters are also fond of using the 12 gauge 21/2 inch baby mag shells for their hunting.

You also have to make a choice between the semi-automatics and pump shotguns. However, this choice rests on the hunter’s personal preference. There is no doubt about the fact that an automatic will provide you with a quicker squeeze for the second shot as compared to a semi-automatic. This makes a good choice for amateur hunters who will require a second chance to hit the target.

The more experienced turkey hunters prefer to go for the old school pump action repeater. The only real difference between the two types of weapons has to do with the ease with which you can strike the second shot. If you don’t think you stand in need of it then you might as well want to stick with the pump action.

When it comes to the barrel size you would want to stick with a shorter barrel. This is because you will be taking the bulk of your shots while you are in a sitting position. With a shorter barrel you will have greater freedom of movement, as it will allow you to swing around without fearing any hang ups.

The shorter barrel also comes in handy when taking unexpected shots if the turkey comes closer sooner than expected and you have to take a quick shot. Furthermore, you will be comfortable carrying the smaller gun around the heavy brush and it will also be easier on your shoulder.

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