Argentina Clothing Style Culture

Argentine clothing is very similar to the clothing worn in Europe and the United States. This consists, for a businessman, a dress shirt, suit and tie. Women wear chic dresses. Read our guide for more facts and information…

All over the country you can find people dressed in jeans, t- shirts or polo type shirts and slacks. A big style right now is the wearing of the replica of the Argentine World Cup soccer team jerseys. Not only are these found in stores, but are easily found for sale on numerous internet sites.

Traditional Dress

The first thing that everyone thinks about when Argentine traditional dress is brought up is the gaucho, or the Argentine cowboy. This type of clothing is very acceptable at all times in the villages, but in the cities the aforementioned more formal dress code is followed. Thinking that everyone dresses in the gaucho outfit is like thinking that everyone in the U.S. dresses as a cowboy.

Gaucho clothing is worn in villages and on special occasions all over the country. This may consist of a wide brimmed hat, a poncho and a loose pair of trousers. Trousers are tucked inside the long gumboots.

Argentineans may also wear a shoe that is made of rope and strong canvas. These shoes are very popular as they are comfortable and the inhabitants prefer them. Bombachas, or pants made from a strong black cloth and gathered at the ankle are also worn.


As far as customs are concerned, the Argentine people have been heavily influenced by the Europeans. Argentina was settled by the Spanish in the 16th century and did not gain their independence until 1816. Therefore there is a great deal of Spanish influence in the culture.

There is also a large Italian population. European cultures from these two sources lead to having large extended families and reverence for the elderly. Most Argentines consider themselves to be more of European background rather than Latin American. Contrary to the usual in South America, some 97% of the population is white, rather than mestizo.


Religion in Argentina is largely Catholic. There is religious freedom, so there is no national religion, but the immigrants to Argentina have been mainly of the Catholic faith so this trend continues.

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