Australian Kenworth Trucks

Purchasing an Australian Kenworth truck? Discover the comfort and unique design of the durable Kenworth trucks…

The modern age Australian Kenworth trucks have a wonderful design that combines comfort with ascetics. However, their true strength lies not only in the visual appeal but in the technology and styling of the operational factors. The entire design conforms to deliver high-performance with superior fuel economy and low maintenance.

This is further evidence, along with the presentation, of an Australian Kenworth truck that is extremely reliable and promises durability and longevity. It is one piece of machinery that a trucker can continuously rely on and delivers consistent performance time after time.

Performance and Durability

The durability and longevity of the Australian Kenworth Trucks life is based on the fact that it gives you a machine that can endure a long time on the job.

This results in a better dollar per use average and results in a larger payload as compared to other trucks. Due to the exceptional productivity levels of the Kenworth Australia truck it actually demands a high retail and resale value. This means that if it is evaluated on the whole of life basis it turns out to be a very economical and reliable asset. Not only does it serve the purpose during its lifetime but also is prized asset when it is resold.

Superior Design

Australian Kenworth Trucks are actually crafted and designed to meet the rugged condition and rough terrain requirements of Australian workloads. The Kenworth Australia truck actually conforms to the standard condition as well as the different applications in the Australian region when it comes to the delivery and performance expected from a truck.

Designed specifically for this market the engineers behind the Kenworth Australia truck actually know the kind of challenges that are faced by the consumers in Australian-specific applications.

Therefore, the range of Kenworth Australia truck can be chosen according to the specific job requirements. This practice ensures that there is maximum productivity on the job in terms of the payload delivered by the truck.

Australian Kenworth Truck Specs – K108 Cab-Over Style

A superior quality Kenworth Australian truck is the K108 model offered by the company. It is one of the best cab over double solution trucks found in Australia. The Kenworth Australia trucks are crafted in Australia, but are considered to be the best in the world.

This K108 truck follows the configuration of a 2.3 m x 2.8 m cab. It is actually the perfect combination to the 25 or 26 m B double operations engine. A very flexible piece of equipment you can not only carry the B double trailer but also manage the weight and length requirements efficiently while staying inside required standards. With 615 hp and 2050 torque this superior piece of machinery can carry up to 1680 L of fuel without compromising on the superior level of trailer space.

The combination of being the best in terms of the flexible cab over truck solution with a high level of performance makes the K108 a specially designed choice for different applications in the Australian landscape.

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