Turkish Shotguns

Are you planning to buy a Turkish shotgun and go turkey hunting? Do you want to know why Turkish shotguns are more popular than other guns of similar genre? Then read our guide for facts and more information…

Description of Turkish shotgun

A Turkish shotgun is used for hunting and competition. It is used to hunt from close range to wing shooting. It can be used in upland games like rabbit hunting, pheasant hunting, trap shooting and even target shooting. A shotgun fires a shell, rather than a bullet.

Turkey is becoming well-known in the world of shotguns. Turkish shotguns like Huglu and Kahn have been around for some time now. Turkey is a nation that offers cheap labor and its metallurgy is reasonable. Mark DeHann imports the cheap Turkish shotguns to America, amends them a little and sells them to the public. The tweaking results in a shotgun that has the inner side plated with long-lasting hard white chrome, and the outer side plated with black chrome. The receiver is solid steel material that is plated with black or white chrome. The guns are then engraved by hand and tested to a pressure of 1200 kgf/cm2.

Quality of Turkish shotguns

Turkish shotguns are cheap double guns and their quality is sometimes disputed. Making a double gun is a labor intensive task that involves test firing, specific barrel regulations and hand fitting. Such kind of quality control is extremely expensive and if any piece is rejected, it is never seen again. With the Turkish guns, the assembly is quite inept and the metal used is not very good. The main turn-offs are the colored case and heavy triggers. Since there is no EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) present in Turkey, the black chromed barrels are just fine.

Limitations of a shotgun

A Shotgun is a short range firearm used to shoot moving targets within a range of 30 yards. However, at 40 yards the pellets spread out and slow down. This limits its effectiveness to a large extent.

Some manufacturers of Turkish shotguns:

• DeHann Shotguns Ltd. imports these shotguns from Turkey and they are available in 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauges with .410 bore.
• Benelli is one of the top manufacturers of turkey guns. Their signature feature is the pistol grip on the stock. It is available in 12 and 20 gauges.
• Beretta offers AL391 which is chambered for 3” shells.
• Franchi offers the I-12 model which is available in 12 gauge. The 720 series offers a choice between 12 and 20 gauges.

This shotgun is famous because it is cheap and one can buy it for as little as $300 only.

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