Chinese Crested Breeders

Looking for Chinese crested breeders? Get some useful insight into the activities of breeding this particular breed of dog.

The toy dog category consists of extremely small sized dogs and the Chinese crested is one of the most unique breeds that fall under this category. It has two main varieties; the hairless and the powder puff. The dog has a rather cheerful and entertaining character. Most popularly though the dog is taken as a show dog and has over the years won a number of dog awards including the ugliest dog in the world award!

The popularity of the breed has given rise to many people getting into the field of dog breeding in order to provide the masses with the breed. The process of breeding involves mating selected Chinese crested dogs in order to maintain their qualities or produce some additional characteristics within the breed.

Both the Powder puff and the hairless variety are born within the same litter. The hairless is considered to be the dominant gene. But the hairless is also plagued with certain genetic defects. This is one of the reasons why you will find that breeders maintain the powder puff in the pool of breeding because it helps to eliminate the genetic defects in the hairless.

If you are going to be buying a Chinese crested pup then make sure to find out which generation it belongs to. Ideally you should go for a pup that is at least from the third generation. In this way can rest assured that most of the hereditary defects within the breed have been eliminated.

Dog breeding as such does not require human interference because it takes place through natural selection. Dogs that are domesticated however are intentionally bred by breeders who look to produce litters of puppies for sale. Breeding is a sensitive job and the breeder needs to have adequate knowledge of the science that deals with genetics and health in order to produce top quality dogs.

Historically we find that human beings would only engage in breeding of animals that served some practical purpose. In the world of dogs only those breeds that could serve as guard dogs or help in the hunting process would be maintained and bred by their owners. The Chinese crested dog serves none of these purposes. It is a show dog that is kept for the purpose of making a fashion statement by many and as a companion by others. The breeding of such dogs is a relatively recent trend as compared to the breeding of dogs that have a practical and useful purpose.

Chinese crested breeders are required to register the birth of a litter to dog registries. There are various such registries such as the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club. The litters are then recorded in stud books and the breeders receive the official documents for the puppies. The registration includes the dog’s lineage, the characteristics that have been achieved through breeding, the defects that have been eliminated and the affiliation of the breeder with the kennel club.

Any breeder that is involved in producing purebred Chinese crested dogs will most definitely be maintaining the proper paper work. This is because it does not only help the breeders to continue breeding making use of the correct data rather it also gives the customers a sense of security and an easy way of evaluating the puppies.


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