2008 American Eagle Silver Coin

Interested in the 2008 American eagle silver coin? Find out about this highly anticipated silver eagle coin released in 2008…

American eagle silver coins are amongst the most popular coins in the world. They are renowned for their quality and design and are as such highly sought after by the public. One of the latest and highly revered varieties of American eagle silver coin is the 2008 American eagle silver coin.

The 2008 American eagle silver coin was highly anticipated by the public. It was released on March 17th of the year and was being sold at an asking price of $25.95. This was the price for the uncirculated collector coin. As always each coin was 1 troy ounce of .999 silver. The 2008 coin also bears the W mark which indicates that the coin is printed in the West Point Mintage of New York.

The minting of silver eagle coins has been going on in the U.S since 1986. Every year the mintage would churn out a host of collectable uncirculated silver eagle coins. However never before were they offered with the trademark W mark as they are now. Nor were they available in the burnished finish. The production of such collectable coins began only two years ago.

2008 Silver Eagle Design

The front side of the coin features the trademark image of the walking liberty. It has been beautifully described in the following words “an ever hopeful Liberty striding confidently toward the sunrise, draped in the strength of the Stars and Stripes carrying in her arms branches of laurel and oak to symbolize both civil and military glory.”

The reverse side of the coin has a graphic image of the shielded heraldic eagle with an olive branch in one of its talons and arrows in the other. This unique graphic image was developed by John Mercanti.

2008 American Silver Eagle Sales

The 2008 American eagle silver coin seems to be selling at a higher price than its 2007 predecessor. It is being sold at a price of $4 above what the 2007 coin was being sold at. However this is only in terms of numbers. When you factor in the cost of silver from last year to this year you will find this year’s silver coins being offered at a better bargain.

In 2007 one ounce of London silver was being sold at $13.38. In the initial period of 2008 the price of silver had gone up and each ounce was being sold at $20.25 an ounce. Hence until the price of silver is above $17.39 the selling price of the uncirculated 2008 silver eagle is more competitive from the historical perspective.

The 2008 silver American coins made it big in the market. So much so that sales had to halt by August which came as a surprise to the public as well as the mintage itself. The mint then made every effort possible to increase its acquisition of silver but it failed to meet the demand of the public as sales continued to slump. A total of 715,500 2008 Silver Eagle coins had been sold until the halt of production.

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