Positive Impact of Colonisation in India

Do you want to discover some of the positive impacts of colonisation in India? Are you interested in considering some lesser known benefits of colonisation in India? Read our guide for more facts and information…

In order to understand positive impacts of colonisation it is important to understand why Britain colonized India in the first place. Britain discovered the Indian sub-continent when it was looking to expand its vast empire. The East India Company was formed and came to recognize that India was a hub of trade and home to many natural resources. This situation made India an attractive colony to Britain as it seemed unquestionable that Britain would benefit from the situation. Britain did benefit from the situation; however, notwithstanding the obvious injustices associated with colonization, India also experienced positive impacts that continued even once India gained independence from Britain in 1947. It is important to note that although India gained independence all ties with the British nation were not cut.

Creating Unity

One of the first impacts that colonisation had in India was the development of unity. When Britain first acquired India as a colony the country was divided. The British imposed system impacted India by bringing more equality to the country as the caste system which outlined social hierarchy was adapted. It is also significant that Britain accepted all of the religions of India which also allowed unity to prosper.

Leading Towards Democracy

India has also experienced positive impacts from the institution established and then left behind by the colonizers. The institutions established by the British Raj and then inherited by India helped lead to democracy in modern day India. The assistance of these institutions assisted India in becoming the world’s largest democracy today. It is also of note that Britain first introduced India to early capitalism through colonization. Britain transformed India into an agricultural based capitalist economy and established forms of private ownership. These actions led India into creating free trade and competitive business.

Benefits in Today’s World

Today India is the largest provider of services in the world in large part due to colonisation; however, it is uncertain if without colonisation this would be possible. The Indian population is able to compete in the service sector due to the positive impact of the English language being left behind post British rule. When colonisation was occurring in India schools were established which taught and offered instruction in English. It is also of note that the East India Company had a positive impact by establishing some services such as rail throughout the country.

Another positive impact of colonisation can be seen in sport in India. During the colonial period Britain brought the sport of cricket to India. Cricket today brings enthusiasm to millions of Indians and is celebrated around the country. India as a nation has also emerged as a prominent team in cricket tournaments as India has successfully beaten many other countries. Cricket also serves to connect much of the Indian population as the sport is celebrated nationally.

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