2008 American Silver Eagle

Interested in the 2008 American silver eagle? Find out what makes the 2008 version of the American eagle silver coin special…

The 2008 American silver eagle uncirculated coins were released in the market for open sale on March 17th. They started selling like hot cakes ever since they hit the market. With its classic imagery and government guaranteed quality the 2008 American Eagle silver coin has been quick to disappear from the market due to the high demand.

2008 Silver Eagle Features

The coins feature the classic image of the walking liberty developed more than a hundred years ago by Adolph Weinman. Over the years the symbol has become one of United States’ most highly revered identity forming symbols.

The 2008 American silver coin is not the first U.S silver coin to have this image. Rather since 1986 all United States mint American eagle bullion and proof coins have featured this image. The 2008 American silver eagle coin is also graced by this legendary patriotic symbol of the United States.

This special coin is being sold in the market for $25.95 which is quite a good buy. It contains a full troy ounce of .999 silver. As usual the obverse side sports the liberty in full stride. The American flag is wrapped around the liberty and she holds her right hand up while in the left she holds branches of laurel and oak.

This elaborate symbol has deep symbolic significance for the country of America. The reverse side of the coin features another classic image known as the shielded heraldic eagle. An olive branch can be seen in its right talon whereas with the left it grasps a group of arrows.

The 2008 American eagle coin has been struck on burnished blanks that were specially assigned to this coin. You will be able to see the W min mark on the surface of these coins which is indicative of the fact that they were minted in West Point, New York. Due to their preciousness each coin is sold in a protective plastic known as a coin capsule.

They are then placed in a beautiful blue presentation case which adds further value to the coin. Along with this you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity which will be signed by the Director of the United States Mint. The best thing about this coin is that there is no limit on its mintage nor is there a limit on the quantity that you can order. This is primarily because it is an uncirculated coin.

Interested individuals can directly place their orders on the United State Mint’s secure website. On the contrary the 2008 silver eagle coin can be ordered by telephone. The website is extremely user friendly as it automatically charges you for the coins that you order and gives notification for shipping. This is a carefree shopping method especially developed by the U.S Mint to give their customers an easy shopping experience.

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