African American Braid Hairstyles

African American braid hairstyles have never been out of fashion because of their versatility and style. You can actually wear a African American braid hairstyle in different ways depending on the look that you want to have.


One of the most common and classic type of African American braid hairstyles is the cornrow. The braids are done tightly close to the scalp in an underhand and upward direction to create a raised and continuous row forming a clean and straight line. However, these days, cornrows can be done in different geometric patterns or zigzag designs.

Cornrows, also referred to as underhand track braids or crows, require some time to learn and master. But once you have skillfully mastered this type of braid hairstyle, you can have fun doing your hair in whatever pattern you like. Moreover, cornrows are easy to maintain and can stay for a couple of weeks. All you have to do is carefully wash your hair and regularly put oil on to your scalp.


Another one of the popular African American braid hairstyles is the micro-braid hairstyle. Micros, as the name implies, are thin braids that can be worn in a ponytail for a casual look or in an elaborate updo for a more sophisticated and chic look. Micros are great for both short and long hair, but people tend to want them on long hair as they can have more options in styling their micro-braided hair.

If you want to get this kind of hairstyle, it is essential that you choose the right hair weave to use. Going for a synthetic hair weave will only give you limited styling options. Not to mention that synthetic materials cannot withstand heat so your hair weave can easily be damaged. On the other hand, human hair weave can be curled or styled in different ways just like your own hair. It is more durable and can last long.

Tree Braids

If you do not want to be seen wearing braids but would like to have braids, then you can opt for a tree braid. These days, tree braids have grown into one of the most popular trends among the various African American braid hairstyles. The braids are virtually impossible to detect and the ideal length of hair for tree braiding is 24 inches.
Hair weft or glue is not used in doing tree braids. The technique that is applied here is the hair weaving technique. Artificial hair is actually fitted in to your natural hair by using a cornrow. So, it is best if human hair is used over synthetic.  Tree braids do not require much maintenance. Treat it like you would treat your own hair. Giving your tree braid the proper care it needs could make it last for several months.

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