African American Updo Hairstyles

If you want to create a classic and elegant hairstyle for any special event or occasion, there are actually a lot of African American updo hairstyles that you can choose from. Weddings are special events where women are expected to look their best, s

Half and Half

Half and half hairstyle simply means that the front half of your hair is in a ponytail while the other half falls freely to your neck. Technically, these types of African American updo hairstyles are considered to be an updo because of the ponytail. You will look chic and clean with half of your hair pulled back and tied in a ponytail. This type of hairstyle also allows you to put some hair accessories and head ornaments such as tiaras and veils to accentuate your look.

If you want to show off your long tresses, you can choose the half and half hairstyle. This updo will not only flaunt your long hair but also keep your hair out of your face. This is ideal when attending outdoor events such as a garden wedding and outdoor gatherings.

Chignon Bun

One of the most versatile African American updo hairstyles is the chignon bun. You can wear it high with curls falling freely down to your neck or you can have it lower, almost touching your nape. You can even have the bun on one side. This is how versatile the chignon bun hairstyle is. Moreover, you can add your own personal touch by accessorizing your hair with sparkling pins or flowers.

This type of hairstyle is actually best for those with long hair. You must free your hair from tangles first before tying it to a ponytail. Then twist your ponytailed hair several times to make it spiral. Slowly pull your hair up and coil it towards the base. Rotate your hair clockwise and secure it with bobby pins. You can add wedding hair accessories to complete your look.

French Roll

The sophisticated and classic look that this hairstyle can create makes it great for weddings and other formal occasions.  Among the African American updo hairstyles, the French roll has the most number of variations. You can create a French twist and style it in whatever way you want.  Some of these variations are the double French roll, the hanging rolls with French roll and so on.

This hairstyle is suitable for women with medium-length and long hair. Your face will definitely stand out with this type of updo hairstyle. That is why most brides wear this style of hair during their wedding day. You can either add accessories or leave it as it is for a more classic look.

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