African American Weaves Hairstyles

African American weaves hairstyles are a great alternative to the usual and boring hairstyles you may be flaunting every day. A lot of African American women with short to medium length hair opt for African American weaves hairstyles, but in this art

Curly weave hairstyles

If you try to get some information about African American weaves hairstyles, you will realize that hairstyles on curly hair are very common in this category. Among the many options you have in this category is the tight coiled weave hairstyle. This style is also referred to as spiral curly weave hairstyle wherein long spiral curls are either tied up in a half pony or just let free. If you want a more glamorous look, you can leave some strands free on the sides of your face while the rest of your curly hair is tied loose. This hairstyle can also be enhanced by adding some bangs or letting the soft curls fall on the face.

Straight weave hairstyles

Straight African American weaves hairstyles are the ones most preferred by women with iron finished straight hair. Long weave hairstyles look very sleek and shiny, making them perfect for formal and special occasions. There are several ways that you can add a classy element to this hairstyle. You may opt for straight weave style with parted bangs, or you can use some side bun that looks amazing with bangs on the sides of your face. Bangs are usually perfect for straight weave hairstyles with good length, especially the face framing cut of bangs in a tapering style.

Deep waves and layers

When speaking of African American weaves hairstyles, you should never miss out the wavy weave hairstyle. In this type of weave hairstyle, the deep waves include uneven layers which normally start below the ears. You can make this hairstyle even more fashionable by making some long wavy bangs that would rest on the cheeks. If you need to go to some very special events, you may have those side or center parted wavy bangs while just letting the layered locks free.

Each of the African American weaves hairstyles mentioned above can be made more glamorous by adding classy hair accessories. Human or authentic hair attachments are commonly used for extension purposes in these hairstyles. If you want to look more funky while still being very classy, choose those colored extensions and let your weave hairstyle have a dual tone color. Remember that in order to get the perfect African American weaves hairstyles; leave the job to the professionals. They will surely know how you can get the perfect weave without damaging your locks.

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