Cancer Treatment Mexico

Thinking about cancer treatment in Mexico? Want to know how & if cancer treatments in Mexico works? Our guide to medical tourism in Mexico gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Medical tourism in general and traveling to Mexico for cancer treatment is becoming increasingly popular for many Americans. The high cost of healthcare in the US has forced many people to look south of the border to Mexico for the treatment of all kinds of conditions including cancer due to the cheaper costs in Mexico. Medical tourism to Mexico for US citizens has been made possible largely due to the internet revolution that has allowed the word to spread that Mexico has many hospitals and other medical facilities that are available at a fraction of the price of what they would cost in the US.

Mexico Cancer Treatment

Despite developments in the dissemination of information across the information super highway, many people are still unaware of Mexico as a destination for cancer treatment and other medical tourism. While India, China and Thailand are often thought of as popular places to visit in order to have surgery carried out, Mexico is often not associated with such treatment although every year more and more Americans are opting to travel to Mexico to receive medical treatment.

Why Mexico For Cancer Treatment?

There are a few reasons why Mexico is increasingly being seen as a good option to receive cancer treatment and other medical attention. Firstly, geographically Mexico is close to the US which makes traveling there and back easy. Mexico can be reached by a short plane journey or even by car. This makes the travel costs significantly less than going to Thailand for medical tourism. Secondly, the standard of hospital and doctors in Mexico is good with up to date equipment and satisfactory hygiene standards. Mexican doctors are just as qualified as their US counterparts, in fact they are arguably more qualified because on average they treat far more patients which gives them valuable experience

Receiving Medical Treatment in Mexico

A whole host of treatments are available to patients traveling to Mexico for medical treatment, including cancer treatment. This includes dental surgery, cosmetic surgery like nose jobs and face lifts, and the treatment of serious conditions such as cancer. When it comes to specific cancer treatments practically everything available in the US is also available in Mexico and the doctors are just as qualified and up to date as their US counterparts. In fact, what many people do is get diagnosed in the US and have a treatment recommended for them before beginning research to find a suitable hospital in Mexico where they can have that treatment for a fraction of the cost of what it would be in the US.

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