American Bulldog Breed Information

The Amreicn Bulldog is an interesting breed with many unique charecteristics. Here is some American bulldog breed information that you might find useful.

One of the most interesting things about the  American bulldog breed is it’s origins. In the past, American bulldogs were used as working dogs to help ranchers and farmers. They were used as watch dogs  to protect crops and animals from raccoons, wild boars, squirrels and bears. In addition, they were also used for bull bating.

American bulldogs are protective, strong and intelligent which made them a prized catch for ranchers and farmers. However, after the Second World War, American bulldogs were on the brink of extinction. So, John Johnson gathered all the American bulldogs he could find and started breeding them. As a result, bulldogs today have various mixes and breed. The breed of American bulldogs trained by John Johnson is called the Classic or Bully type of bulldogs.


It is important that you know the appearance and characteristics of American bulldogs if you want to gather more American bulldog breed information. Unlike other types of bulldogs, the American bulldogs are more muscular, agile, fast and powerful. The male American bulldogs have bigger heads and stockier bodies compared to that of the female American bulldogs. American-bred bulldogs are taller and bigger than other breeds of bulldogs.

The eyes of American bulldogs come in different colors. Generally, white American bulldogs have black eye rims while those with pink eye rims are said to have cosmetic faults. The nose also varies in color such as brown, black and red. They also have different types of ears, forward flap, cropped, uncropped or half pricked ears. American bulldogs have straight and strong front legs and thick and broad hind legs.

Grooming and Living Conditions

American bulldogs are easy to maintain and groom. Since they have short and sometimes smooth coats, a regular bath and brushing will do fine. You have to use a brush or comb with firm bristles. American bulldogs are standard shedders. Another piece of American bulldog breed information you have to keep in mind is that this type of bulldog requires long walks every day since they are susceptible to hip dysplasia.

American bulldogs can adapt well to their living environment. They can even live in an apartment provided that they get sufficient exercise. Actually, bulldogs are fairly inactive and idle inside the house so they need an area, about the size of an average yard, to run around and exercise. Going for daily walks with your American bulldog can greatly help improve the dog’s behavior towards other people.

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