French Door Curtain Rods & Panels

French door curtain panels and rods are designed to accentuate the look of the door, allowing for privacy without disturbing the transmission of natural light into the interiors. Read our guide for more facts and information…

In essence, a French door glows with elegance brought by the combination of window panes and glass panels. Generally rectangular in shape, each panel in a multi-paneled door has a wooden frame to separate it from the other panels. French door curtains and curtain panels are designed with suitable rod pockets or bottom hem pockets to match the kind of rod used in installing them.

Curtain Rods for Dressing up French Doors

Curtain rods are available in an assortment of designs, patterns and motifs, adding the much needed décor while dressing up French doors. They come in several sizes ranging from smaller rods for sidelight windows to bigger rods for draperies. Individual curtain fabrics can also be complemented by choosing the right type of rod, such as lightweight rod for sheer curtain panels or heavy and ornate rods for brocade draperies. Rods can also be matched with the hardware on French doors. They can also bring in the old world look, such as antique copper or brass finishes. Finials of various patterns and materials like brass, copper, wrought iron, wood, ceramic, glass and crystal allow for more customization. Ornate brackets and rings are additional features that enhance the look of curtain rods. Café rods, sash rods and swing rods are among the various rod types that adorn French doors and curtains.

Curtain Panels with Rod-Pockets

Curtain panels have always been the best choice for dressing up French doors. They are designed to fit the window pane area of individual doors, so that they do not come in the way when the doors are opened or closed. The simplicity and convenience also allow privacy without diminishing the aesthetics of the door. If sheer curtains are used, the panel can be doubled in order to render opaqueness. Rod-pockets are an essential feature of curtain panels, whether they are custom-made, bought as ready-made panels or sewn at home. Each panel has two rod pockets, one at the top and the other at the bottom, to hold the material firmly and prevent sagging. They give a catchy look when gathered at the center with a band or tie-back. Scrunching lace fabrics render a dainty appearance.

Swing Arm Curtain Rod

A swing arm curtain rod is designed to swing open like a door, as it consists of a retractable rod that is impounded on one edge to a wall or window. It is ideal if the entire window has to be opened to allow sunlight and aeration. It is a handy feature for French doors, and can be mounted inside the frame or on an adjacent wall. Unlike standard curtain rods that allow the curtain to be slid aside, this rod just swings the entire curtain to one side. Another aesthetic aspect is that a different fabric lining can be used on the rear-side of the curtain to show off a pattern even when it is swung aside.

Though French door curtain rods come in ornate designs and patterns, curtain panels are usually sheer, and come in white, off-white or pastels to render a delicate yet stunning appearance to the door.

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