American Eagle Purses

Interested in buying an American eagle purse? Discover the impressive collection of purses from American Eagle…

American Eagle purses have made it big in the market. You will be able to find them in their retail stores located in over 1000 malls spread over the United States and Canada. On the other hand you can always look for the American Eagle purse of your choice on the internet and have it ordered straight to your home.

The collection of purses from American Eagle are known for their trendy styling and roughhoused looking faux. Some of the purses are decorated with retro graphics whereas others have a more formal appeal. The overwhelming tone of American Eagle purses is casual, yet they have a certain chic to them that makes some of them good enough to be carried to a formal dinner. The target market for the range of American Eagle purses are women between the age group of 16 to 32. The trademark AE logo adorns the collection of purses from the company.

American Eagle purses are amongst the most popular fashion accessories produced by the company. They have a wide variety of patterns and designs ranging from the Hawaiian style purses to the duffle style bags as well as worn leather bags.

Some of the most popular American Eagle purses are as follows:

American Eagle Outfitters Sparkle Stripe Tote

This special bag is made of 100% cotton and is decorated with very eye catchy sequin accents. It also features AE logo charms that can be removed when you want to give your bag a more formal look. This bag is available in a number of different color themes including green and blue stripes, pink and white stripes and green and blur floral patterns to mention a few. This cool purse is being sold for $25 in the market.

American Eagle Outfitters Boardwalk Satchel Bag

Be carefree with this unique satchel purse from American Eagle. The bag has a very retro design and a sturdy build that makes it incredibly durable. As it is the bag has been made using 100% pure cotton. The purse is adorned with green or pink retro stripes in one variety whereas the other variety consists of basic colors such as white, blue, yellow and beige. This Boardwalk Satchel bag is being sold for $30 in the market.

 American Eagle Outfitters Tote

The tote collection from American Eagle has unparalleled style and durability to offer. The 100% cotton canvas used for making this purse ensures that it will last you a life time. Impressive leather detailing and leather handles add some chic to the purse. The hibiscus print with sequin decorations is one of the varieties you can go for. The other one features a floral print adorned with rhinestones. Both these American Eagle purses are being sold in the market for $35 only.

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