American English Bulldog Mix

The American English bulldog mix is one of the known dog breeds that can be easily recognized because of their large head, stocky body and wrinkled face. Learn more about the American English bulldog mix from reading this article.

The Difference between American and English Bulldog

American bulldogs are tall and they have long legs and big bodies. The snout of an American bulldog is a bit longer than that of an English bulldog. On the other hand, English bulldogs are short and stocky and they have stout legs and big heads. Their muzzles are wide and their ears are small and floppy. Both breeds have the same length of hair and type of skin. The skin of a bulldog is usually loose and sagging.

When you mix the two breeds, you will produce an American English bulldog mix that is intelligent, affectionate and friendly. This type of mixed breed is easy to teach and train. American English bulldogs should be motivated properly as they tend to have a stubborn streak. Their stubbornness can be a problem when you start training them.

Basic Bulldog Training

It is important to learn how to feed and potty train an American English bulldog mix. This may take some time and requires a lot of patience. When you feed your dog, make sure that you set a schedule. Bulldogs have big appetites and will most likely eat the whole day if you do not set a schedule for feeding. Be consistent with your feeding schedule, otherwise, you will have a problem in feeding them.

Potty training your American English bulldog mix is not that difficult. After every meal, take your dog out to a particular spot in your backyard. Create a specific command to let him know that it is time for him to potty. Your dog will explore and take a sniff on the area. Reward him with treats when he starts to potty so that he will be able to associate that specific command as to go potty.

Teaching Your Bulldog Tricks

Just like other breeds, America English bulldog mix can easily be taught new tricks. Sitting, lying down, staying are just some of the tricks you could teach your dog. Always bring treats with you when you teach your dog new tricks. Treats are the best reinforcement for dog behaviors that you want to strengthen. Also, create different commands for different tricks and make sure that you say each command clearly.

It is also important that you allow your dog to mingle with other dogs. You can take him with you when you go travel. This can be his chance to socialize and interact with other people. Bulldogs regardless of their mix, are known to be aggressive when they are not exposed to new places and people. Remember to always reward him when he is at his good, if not best, behavior.

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