American Flag Lighters

Interested in American flag lighters? Discover the impressive variety of collector’s American flag lighters in the market…

American Flag lighters are very popular with smokers not just in America but the world over. The famous standard issue series by Zippo is a cult classic. This brand is a typical home grown name in America and is renowned for its classic style and workmanship.

The American Flag design on the Brushed Chrome Finish Lighter for only $29.99 is a lifetime of patriotic flavor at your fingertips. This design from the standard issue series of the Zippo American Flag lighter ships within 2-3 days and is packed in plastic. The detail consists of a brushed chrome finish and features a wavy flag design.

Zippo is famous for manufacturing over 400 million lighters since its inception in 1932. This world famous brand became popular as the lighters are windproof! The casing and internal features remain almost the same as the original design. The only improvements to the mechanics have been made on the flint wheel and the case finishes. Apart from that the lighters are unchanged and come with a Lifetime Guarantee where the company guarantees that “It works or we fix it free™” for life.

The Freedom Watch Zippo Lighter – Candy Apple Red finish

One of the famous designs in the Zippo lighter series is the Freedom Watch Zippo lighter in the famous Candy Apple Red color. This bright and funky colored Zippo Lighter has a full close up of the Bald Eagle which is used on the national emblems of US paraphernalia, the US flag as a backdrop and a beautiful image of the sky. The lighter has vibrant graphics jumping right off it.

The Allegiance Zippo Lighter – Sapphire Finish

The Allegiance Zippo Lighter in Sapphire Finish is another beautifully crafted piece. This windproof lighter comes in a stunning monochromatic blue color and has the start image of the Bald Eagle a national symbol in the US and the USA flag printed on the background. This Zippo Lighter is fashioned only in blue with tints and shades.

The Liberty Zippo Lighter

This beautifully crafted Zippo Lighter uses an internationally recognized icon of USA – the Lady Liberty. This statue gifted to the USA by France is a well known symbol of tolerance and US belief in Liberty for all. The Liberty Zippo lighter carries this theme forward and the face of the Lady Liberty is printed in silver relief on this timeless piece. The ground is brought up by the United States flag. To reiterate the symbolism of the image, the words ‘Liberty’ are printed on the casing right at the top of the image.

The Liberty Chrome Lighter

The most unique design in the standard issue series from the Zippo Lighters collection is definitely the Lady Liberty gleaming Chrome lighter with the stark Red, white and blue colors. It has striking graphics – a complete silhouette of The Lady Liberty Statue printed in the bright blue on the ground and embellished with bright white stars. The base of this shiny chrome piece is colored in the candy apple red and white stripes.

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