American Girl Bitty Twins

Looking for American Girl Bitty Twins? Want to know about all the different styles of Bitty Twins available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right Bitty Twins for you…

American Girl Bitty Twins are dolls which are 15” in length and produced by the American Girl company which markets historical and contemporary period dolls and accessories. The Bitty Twins are a pair of dolls which can be purchased in any gender combination and are aimed at girls from age 3 onwards. The twins represent pre-school children and have wigs instead of moulded hair like the Bitty Baby dolls. There are numerous Bitty Baby twins representing various ethnic groups such as African American, Hispanic and Asian. Young girls can have up to fifty five combinations of gender, skin tone, hair colour and ethnically specific Bitty Twins.

The Bitty Twins come with a book called Bitty Twins Learn to Share. The twins are normally sold as one boy and one girl doll dressed in denim and plaid outfits. There is a wide array of accessories and furniture available for the Bitty Twins in keeping with the age range that the dolls represent. These accessories include stroller, dolls’ potty seat, dolls’ sleeping bags and jungle play tent.

The outfits for Bitty Twins dolls are in attractive designs and fabric. The gingham trim set for girls showcases a pink, ruffled sweater secured with a black bow at the waist which is worn over a sleeveless dress trimmed with gingham. A book of garden games for girls called Bitty Twins’ Colourful Garden activity book accompanies the outfit.

Young American girls can dress just like their dolls with a range of pajamas for girls with matching pair of slippers. There is also a plaid and denim dress available on the American Girl website for online purchase. The price for the pajama set is between $16 – $46 and the dress retails at $46 for sizes 3-7.

American Girl Magazine

An American Girl magazine is published bi-monthly by the American Girl company. The magazine is targeted at girls between the ages of 8-14. The contents of the magazine includes inspiring stories for girls, crafts, puzzles, short stories and usually a mini cut-out section for dolls.

American Girl Bitty Twins are an adorable set of twin dolls that are bound to please young American girls who will be thrilled by the astonishing range of doll combinations, clothes and accessories for these beautiful twins.

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