American Girl Doll Clothes

Looking for American Girl doll clothes? Want to know about the different styles of doll clothes available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right clothes for you…

The 18” tall American Girl doll has a wide variety of doll clothes that are specially tailored to suit every fashion taste. The clothing collection of American Girl dolls is available separately from the dolls themselves. Each doll has its own unique line of clothing. This ranges from skirts and blouses to sporting pants, jackets and sweaters. The doll clothes are made to measure and will fit any American Girl doll that you possess.

There is a gymnastics duo outfit that is complete with a golf medal. Your American Girl doll will be dressed in form fitting leotards in blue, red and white with a matching nylon long pant and zip on jacket specially crafted by Sewing Dolls for the American Girl dolls range. The word “USA” is prominently printed on the leg of the pants. A scrunchie is included for the doll’s hair. Beam shoes and hand grips complete the excellent outfit. For her gold medal, a bouquet of silk flowers are included to compliment the winner.

Swedish Midsummer celebration outfits of pretty purple polka dot dresses and painted wooden baskets are very attractive for your American Girl doll. With summer a mere stones throw away, this set of doll clothes comes with trading cards and American Girl hanger. The flowers are perfect when tied around a braided doll’s hair!

Variety of Apparel for Doll Clothes

The wide selection of American Girl dolls has spawned an entire industry in apparel for the lovely dolls. Fantastic costume designs are available such as the pink belly dancer outfit with a jewelled short blouse and flared pants. A gold trim veil studded with tiny jewels and a matching beaded necklace combine to present a figure of exquisite beauty.

Burgundy coloured colonial dress that is finely tailored with soft fabric is an item that will make your doll look stunning! The skirt is ruffled and fluffy with lace trimmings and a stomacher to mimic the bone corsets of traditional 19th century dresses. A small purse is included with the dress – this can be easily gripped by the doll and completes a beautiful design.

American Girl doll clothes encompass the whole range of stylish apparel that have been created specially for your child’s dream doll!

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