American Girl Dress

Looking for American Girl dress? Want to know about all the different styles of dress available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right dress for you…

American Girl dresses are an extensive and stylish collection encompassing the whole range of doll dress from historic to contemporary fashions. Clothing for American Girl dolls can be viewed online at the company web site or through the catalogue which feature attractive designs for the 18” dolls. Historical character outfits from the late 18th century up through the late 19th century accentuate the traditional dress from those periods. Colonial dress showcases gowns from this period in authentic styles of 1774 before the American Revolution. White cotton stockings and shift are complemented with black buckled shoes.

Civil war American Girl dresses in striped cinnamon pink are completed with cap toe boots, drawers and stretchy black stockings. For night wear, there is a flannel night gown that has lace trimmings and tiny white buttons. A summer dress in pretty flowers with berry brooch and straw hat are outfits that reflect the mode of dress of that period.

Pioneer American Girl dress sees the doll wearing garments that capture the spirit of the adventurous pioneering fore fathers of American culture. The doll’s dress is blue calico with tiny flowers and an apron with a pocket. Lace up boots and striped stocking complete this lovely ensemble from the mid-19th century.

A World War II American Girl dress features an argyle sweater in navy-blue colour. It is worn over a removable collar called a dickey. The sweater is paired with a skirt, also in navy-blue, and the doll wears cotton white bloomers underneath this outfit. A pair of black Mary Jane shoes encase the feet that are covered in calf length white socks.

Contemporary American Girl Dress

The ‘Just Like You’ range of outfits are contemporary and features a variety of styles that young American girls identify with. Outdoor play outfits have the doll dressed in a hoodie sweatshirt and twill shorts with patch pockets. For spring parties, there is a floral-print dress with an asymmetrical hem and matching cropped shrug. For the American Girl doll’s dainty feet, a pair of open-toed shoes are included. Yoga is another modern past time of young girls. A yoga outfit features a sleeveless tank top and wide-leg yoga pants plus a cropped zip-up jacket.

There are many astonishingly lovely American Girl dress outfits that are sure to catch the eye of many a young doll owner. Finely tailored and exquisitely designed, these garments are stylish and attractive!

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