American Girl Lindsey

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American Girl Lindsey is an 18” limited edition Girl of the Year doll that was released by the American Girl company in 2001. As a limited edition doll, American Girl Lindsey was available only for one year and only has one storybook, similar to the historical doll’s ‘Meet’ storybook. American Girl is a company that that produces a line of dolls and accessories depicting young, pre-teen girls from historic and contemporary periods. The doll’s full name is Lindsey Bergman and was the first of the Girl of the Year series.

Lindsey Bergman is a Jewish doll. She is a girl who is eager to help and her story shows how her impulsive actions geared towards helping can actually have negative consequences. Her storybook describes her brother’s Bar Mitzvah and plans for the party. She has a grumpy uncle called Bernie and a wonderfully cute dog called Mr Tiny. A laptop and a scooter set are accessories of the American Girl Lindsey doll.

The Lindsey doll has an original face mould with light skin and curly, short auburn coloured hair. Lindsey has freckles and blue eyes. She wears a green T-shirt underneath a blue sweater matched with grey pants. American Girl Lindsey’s body is made from soft cloth and the movable head and limbs are vinyl.

American Girl Bookstore

The American Girl bookstore features numerous titles about the historical and contemporary dolls that make up the company’s exclusive range of toys. Stories about the American Girl dolls are inspiring and uplifting and are written to encourage young American girls to possess positive qualities. Historical dolls have six storybooks in a series. There are also mystery books and movies about individual historical characters. Craft and puzzle books provide many hours of fun activity.

Origins of the Name Lindsey

The name Lindsey is derived from the English and Scottish surname Lindsay which originally was derived from a place name in Lincolnshire, meaning “island of Lincoln” or “island of linden trees” in Old English. Lindsey was normally a masculine name until the 1970’s after which it became popular for girls, possibly following the Hollywood actress, Lindsay Wagner.

American Girl Lindsey is an attractive doll whose story encourages young girls to be responsible in helping people and to think about the consequences of their actions.

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