American Girl Mia

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American Girl Mia is an 18” limited edition Girl of the Year doll that was unveiled during an edition of the Oprah Winfrey show on November 21, 2007. Mia was released by the American Girl company on January 1, 2008 with a wide range of clothing and accessories. As a limited edition doll, American Girl Mia was available for only one year and has two books – Mia and Bravo Mia, both of which were penned by Laurence Yep. The doll’s full name is Mia St Claire.

American Girl Mia St Claire represents a 10 year old girl who is passionate about competitive figure skating. Mia’s accessories include an ice rink and furniture as well as numerous outfits. Mia dreams of figure skating in the Olympics.

The Mia doll has a classic face mould with red coloured, layered hair and a half braid. Mia has hazel eyes and her face is sprinkled with freckles. Mia wears a pink, long sleeved sweater with a snow flake design over a white skirt with shoes and socks. Mia’s clothing line includes a silver skate dress and green performance outfit. She has purple skates and an ice rink. Mia has a game called “Mia Goes for Great!” All the Mia collection, except book and video game, was completely sold out on the American Girl website on December 17, 2008. Mia may be purchased on the secondary market.

American Girl Mia Diary and Craft

The American Girl Mia website has a diary written by Mia over the course of 10 weeks as she prepares with her coach for the winter figure skating show. Her practice sessions and her trials and tribulations are fondly written out in handwriting that resembles a 10 year old, brimming with positive attitude and determination.

Girls can learn how to make Mia’s skating bookmark in the craft section of her website which requires simple supplies such as coloured pencils or markers and jumbo sized paper clip. The instructions are simple and easy to follow to make the Mia bookmark.

American Girl Mia is an attractive doll whose story encourages young girls to follow their dream and to be passionate about their chosen sport. Mia’s story teaches girls that they can reach for the stars with determination and a strong will.

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