American Girl Pajamas

Looking for American Girl pajamas? Want to know about all the different styles of pajamas available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right pajamas for you…

American Girl pajamas come in many stylish designs comprising of the proverbial top and long pants. The Ruthie doll wears pink satin pajamas with pearly buttons on a top and a monogrammed ‘R’ on the right chest pocket. Pink, polka dot pants show off a pair of matching pink fur trimmed slippers to complete the pajamas set. The 1940’s style pajamas made for the American Girl doll ‘Molly’ is a red and white striped outfit with cuffed pants and sleeves. A belt at the waist draws the pajama top tight around the doll.

Pajamas fashioned for summer are sleeveless, such as those worn by American Girl doll ‘Rebecca’. A white cotton one piece garment with lace trimming and blue satin ribbons, the pajamas are suitable for hot nights under the stars. Contemporary pajamas worn by American Girl doll ‘Chrissa’ is a two piece set featuring a purple tie-dye top that has a scoop neck and a pair of grey cropped pants. Fuzzy slippers keep the doll’s toes warm on cool nights.

Pajamas that hail from the 1970’s are also two piece affairs with the top being an empire-waist tunic and the bottom being a pair of flared pajama pants. This authentic 70’s outfit has butterfly design prettily trimmed on the cuffs and neckline.

Wildflower pajamas design showcase a ringer T-shirt and knee length shorts printed with strings of wildflowers. A pair of fuzzy green slippers complete the set. Pajamas designed for the winter have a thermal-knit long sleeve top and pants with a snowflake trim and flounce hem.

Pajamas for Young Girls

American Girl pajamas have matching outfits for young girls who want to dress exactly like their dolls. These pajamas are made from the same fabric as the doll’s clothes, featuring the same styles and fashions. Available in a variety of sizes from XS to XL, the pajamas for girls are a hit with young owners of American Girl dolls. They can be purchased online at the company web site or American Girl Place stores around the country.

You can purchase a whole range of excellent and stylish designs in American Girl pajamas. From spring and summer time to snow time pajamas, American Girl has just the perfect pajamas for your daughter and her doll!

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