American Indian Corn Crafts

Interested in learning Indian corn crafts? Read our informative guide on how to create the prefect thanks giving gift for your guests using Indian corn crafts…

We are trying to make an Indian corn pin which is a wonderful memento to give your guests on Thanksgiving. You will need some basic material like:

12-inch piece of paper twist in a natural or tan color
A bar pin with three holes in it
A pipe cleaner or chenille stem in brown or tan
Since we will be making three ears of corn you will need 15 beads per ear that is 5 beads each of three colors making for a total of 45 beads
12-inch piece of thin satin ribbon in any rich fall color

Once you have all the items ready you can put them all on the dining table and start working. Begin by cutting the paper twists into three pieces. Each piece should be about 4 inches long. Set the pieces aside. Now take the pipe cleaners and cut them into three pieces as well. Again the pieces should be 4 inches long. Now bend one end of each pipe cleaner slightly so that the beads don’t slide off of them. We will use one piece of the pipe cleaner and 5 beads each of 3 colors making a total of 15 beads for each ear of corn. Since we are going to make 3 ears of corn we will need 45 beads. You can be as experimental as you want with the colors of the beads, chose the funky metallic or blue, red, purple etc.

You have to insert the beads through the unbent end of the pipe cleaner, start sliding one bead of the first color then one of the second color and finally one of the third color till you have inserted all the 15 beads meant for each ear. The beads will not occupy the entire 4-inch length of the pipe cleaner pieces, the pieces will only be filled about half way and you will need the remaining space for the next step.

Now repeat the above step for the other two pieces of the pipe cleaner as well. You don’t need to keep the same color combination of the beads; each ear can have a different color combination.

Now that you have the corn kernels ready, the next step is to get the husk ready, untwist the pieces of paper twists that you had kept aside. These will be the husks. Start with the unbent end of the pipe cleaner and poke it through the paper twist. Make sure that you insert it about an inch or so below the top end of the paper twist. Now re-twist the paper above and below the beads. Do this with the other two pipe cleaner pieces as well. Now you should have 3 ears of corn

Now take the bar pin with the three holes and keep it on the table with the flat side facing you and poke one pipe cleaner through each of the holes.

Next open up the pin and twist the three pipe cleaner ends together tightly

Once this is done you can adjust the ears of the corn any way you like. And for the final touch take the ribbon and tie it around the top of all the three husks in a bow. Trim the end of the ribbons diagonally to give it a professional look and voila! Your mementoes are ready.


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