American Silver Eagle Coins

Interested in buying American silver eagle coins? Find out what makes American eagle coins special from a collection and investment point of view…

American silver eagle coins have a long history behind them. The first of these coins were minted back in 1986. The American Eagle coin has been termed as the official bullion coin of the United States.

These coins are struck in 1 ounce troy denomination. To their value is the fact that they have 99.9% silver content. Its nominal value is however only one US dollar, even though they are sold for a lot more due to the high price of silver and the collector’s value that they have.

Over the years American silver eagle coins have risen in popularity. They have become highly sought after by collectors on the one hand and serve as an excellent medium of investment on the other.

American silver eagle coin imagery

Amongst the things that add value to the American silver eagle coins is their unique design. Both sides of the coin feature some vivid imagery that is renowned for its beauty and symbolism. The obverse side of the coin features the famous walking liberty designed by Adolph A. Weiman. This design was produced back in the early 1900s.

It went out of the scene for quite some time and began to be featured again on the silver dollar coins from 1986. The reverse side of the silver coin features a unique image of a heraldic eagle that stands behind a shield. In its right talon it holds up an olive branch signifying freedom and in its left hand it has a bunch or arrows that signify the combat readiness of the state. This graphic image was designed by John Mercanti.

Invest value of American silver eagle coins

Another aspect of American silver eagle coins is their investment value. They are approved by the United States for the purpose of funding Individual Retirement Account. Many financial advisors actually recommend that a portion of your income should be invested in purchasing precious bullion coins and American silver coin asset groups.

From the investment point of view the value of American silver eagle coins has risen due to the current global economic crisis. This can work out as a prudent strategy for saving up. Collecting coins in this way is more of a buy and hold strategy that helps serve as a great investment in the long run.

Basically these pure bullion and coin asset sets act as a great stored value investment. When you make an investment in these coins you are saved from devaluation. This is because the value of the coin is intrinsic; meaning the coin itself is the money because it is pure silver. Market traditions have clearly shown that precious metals have retained their value whereas currency is prone to get devalued.

The internet offers you a great access to a plethora of American silver eagle coin collections. You can search for the coins of your choice and invest in the best or add some exquisite American Eagle coins to your collection.

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