Antique American Indian Artifacts

Are you an antique collector interested in purchasing an Indian artifact? Are you interested in learning about history through exploring antique Indian artifacts? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Indian artifacts are popular amongst antique collectors as the pieces are not only beautifully decorated but also historically insightful. Indian artifacts are themselves antiques as they represent not only the history of the Indian culture but also the early history of the United States. It is important to note that Indian artifacts have different value; the greatest factor affecting value is the intactness of the antique artifact, as the better the condition of the piece the more valuable it is considered to be. Antique collectors also assemble many Indian artifacts to construct their own private collections that allow individuals the opportunity to own and enjoy pieces of cultural history.


Arrowheads are a common and popular artifact among collectors. Arrowheads have been found that date back to over 15 000 years ensuring their classification as antiques. Depending on the region of the United States that the artifact is found in, the type of stone the piece is constructed out of varies accordingly. Arrowheads offer insight into the lives of the Indians who lived in the past as it is indicative of hunting that they actively engaged in. Arrowheads are also identified by their point type which again varies based on geography. Arrowheads are a popular artifact to purchase and due to their relative abundance are reasonably priced; however, many individuals find hunting for your own arrowhead artifact to be particularly enjoyable.


Pottery is another form of Indian artifact that is a popular collectible piece. The pottery pieces are not only an insight into the past history but also offer a beautiful antique to display in a collection. The artifacts were created by the Indians through shaping clay and water with their own hands into the desired shape. Complete pottery pieces with minimal damage or wear are most valued and can cost upwards of a thousand dollars to purchase. For many collectors shards are easy to obtain and remain beautiful and historically without the exorbitant price of an intact piece of antique Indian pottery.

Indian Beadwork

Indian beadwork is also a valued antique from history. Indian beadwork artifacts are valued not only among antique collectors but also among the general population as the designs are wonderful pieces of artwork to add to any home. Indian beadwork can be classified into two distinct groups as the form varied and design varied before and after the European influence. In the 1800s when Europeans began to heavily influence Indian life especially through imported goods, many Indians began to use beads from Europe in their designs. Indian beadwork that is more antique is designed of natural materials that were native to the land inhabited. The artifacts made from these naturally occurring substances such as bone and plant life are highly valuable and correspondingly highly difficult to locate.

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