Wooden Peg Chinese Checkers

Interested in wooden peg Chinese checkers? Find out what makes the wooden peg version of the game the ideal buy and the options that you have at bay.

Chinese checkers is a great traditional board game that was actually developed taking inspiration from the European game Halma. During the early days of this unique board game it surfaced by the name of Stern-Halma. It was later introduced in the U.S market with its current name. The Chinese checkers board game is made from a number of materials and the wooden peg Chinese checkers is one the most popular ones out in the market.

Wooden Chinese Checkers by Wood Expression

Produced by board game manufacturers “Wood Expression” is a retro wooden Chinese checkers board game. It has been skillfully hand crafted to give it great durability and equally good looks. The diameter of this wooden Chinese checker board is 11.5 inches.

Along with the board you will get six sets of colorful wooden pegs that are assigned to a maximum of six players that can play the game. The colors include blue, green, yellow, red, black and white. The game also comes with a cloth bag for storing the wooden pegs. This simple yet unique board game is available for $17.50 in the market.

Wood Chinese Checkers game by Cardinal Industries

This is another wood version of the classic game by renowned manufacturers Cardinal Industries. Available in a nice colorful square box is the wooden board of the game measuring 12 inches. A set of six colorful wooden pegs are also part of the parcel. This easy to play traditional board game is a cheap buy at $9.99.

Wooden Chinese Checkers set by Cambor

This version of the product features a solid hardwood board measuring 10.5 inches in diameter. Along with the board you will get 60 wooden pegs with which up to six players can engage in the game along with which you will also be getting a dice. This handmade solid board game is available for $30. 95 in the market.

Why wooden Chinese checkers?

As you may be aware, this classic board game is made using a number of different building materials. You will be able to get your hands on Chinese checkers made from marble, tin and plastic etc. But what makes the wooden Chinese checkers the ideal buy?

There are a number of things that make the wooden version of this board game the ideal choice. Traditionally this board game was made using marbles and played using marbles instead of wood pegs. Playing with marbles makes it difficult to manage especially for kids because the round marble pegs will start rolling even if the board receives a slight jerk.

On the other hand wooden pegs are easy to use as they firmly fit into their places. Hence there is no danger of ruining a good game of checkers. Children will find it much easier to manage a wooden Chinese checkers board game than one that makes use of marbles. The fact that the pegs are fitted on to the board also keeps them safe from getting lost and to top it all off wooden Chinese checker boards are the cheapest of them all.

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