Auburn California Homes For Sale Real Estate

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Auburn is the administrative center of Placer County in California. As of 2009 the total population of Auburn is over 13000. Auburn is rich in the history of the California Gold Rush. If you are thinking of relocating there are countless Auburn, California homes for sale real estate agents that can help you find a place to stay.

About the City of Auburn

Auburn is considered as one of the most ideal places to live in the Northern California. The American River Canyon borders the city. In the south west of the city are the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The city is about 7.5 square miles in area, and with elevations between 1000 and 1400 feet the seasonal changes are refreshing. Auburn supports the arts in the community such as theater, dance, music, public art. There are various places where one can buy a home. The Auburn, California homes for sale real estate agents can help by offering the best location.

The city has much to offer to its residents, from education to events to recreational activities. There three different schools from elementary to high school, as well as a public library. Auburn has its own skate park and two movie theaters, the Regal and the Downtown Old State Theater. There are numerous parks, but the regional park much to offer with separate play areas, BBQ pits, picnic areas, basketball court, tennis court, disk golf and ball fields. Residents of Auburn are guaranteed a full and healthy life with the number of sports facilities available. There are events such as rock climbing, gymnastics, dance practices, historical fencing and not to mention the countless swim teams and practices.

Auburn California Homes for Sale Real Estate

There are various localities where homes can be found for different prices depending upon the location. Hammond Drive is a relatively expensive place where a large house of approximately 1200 sq ft can be found for around $2,500,000. The view from this area is amazing, with a back view of the mountains and public waters. Some of the other more expensive and exquisite localities include the Mount Vernon Rd, Lakeview Place and Lorenson Road, with prices ranging approximately from $1,490,000 to $1,750,000. The Auburn, California homes for sale real estate agent can help find a house from single family, three stories, and nine bedroom mansions to a small house with 3-4 bedrooms or a small cottage.

There are areas with houses of more affordable places. A 3-4 bedroom house in Shadow Drive is available for approximately $959,000. This area has a view of a white sand beach.

Localities such as North Lakeshore, Marguerite Mine Road and Oakwood Drive offer houses in ranges from $289,000 to $529,000. There are different Auburn, California homes for sale real estate available to choose from.

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