Best Breckenridge Peak for Beginners

Are you a beginner skier who is planning to hit the slopes at Breckenridge Colorado? If you are, then you will benefit from knowing which of the peaks at Breckenridge are considered the best ones for learning how to ski. Read our guide for more facts and information about hitting the slopes at Breckenridge ski resort.

Breckenridge- a beginner skier’s paradise

If you are a novice skier and you are looking for a ski resort that caters to beginners, Breckenridge Colorado is the destination for you. At this resort there are four glorious mountains which come together creating the Breckenridge ski area. Each of these four mountains are commonly known as peaks 7, 8, 9, and 10. If you are a person who is just starting to learn how to ski, or if you have only had a lesson or two, you will appreciate that Breckenridge has two peaks designated for those individuals who need to start a bit slower on the slopes.

Build your confidence on Breckenridge’s Peak 8

Breckenridge’s Peak 8 is the ultimate slope for just starting out as a first time skier. It offers the least crowded terrain for practicing your newly acquired ski maneuvers. Peak 8 gives you the ability to build your confidence on the slopes because it enables you to concentrate on your skiing rather than worry about other skiers around you. Minimal traffic on Peak 8 will give you that extra peace of mind of not always being concerned about colliding with another skier. As an added benefit, Peak 8 also offers carpet ski lifts which enable a newcomer the practice to become acclimated with getting on and off more challenging chair lifts.

An ambitious beginner’s ideal peak

Although Peak 8 is considered the optimal slope for beginners, Peak 9 is highly recommended for first time skiers as well. This peak offers more in the way of terrain area for beginners to practice their techniques, turns, and become familiar with their ‘ski legs’. The conditions on Peak 9 of smooth dry snow which is well groomed make it appealing for those just starting out. However, because of the prime conditions on this slope there is always more traffic, and is much more crowded at times than Peak 8. For this reason alone, only the more ambitious beginners usually start out on this slope.

Hitting the slopes

Certainly, choosing the right beginner peak to ski on at Breckenridge will be a personal choice suited to your own individual needs. Both peaks 8 and 9 have designated ‘slower trails’ for those just starting out. The Springeier on Peak 8 and the Bonanza on Peak 9 are patrolled and monitored by the ski staff and are highly recommended. If you are a beginner who is getting ready to hit the slopes, consider planning your trip during the week rather than on a weekend or holiday. Chances are because of Breckenridge’s popularity, the slopes will never be empty but during these times they might be a bit less crowded. The good news is whichever beginner peak you choose to start on at Breckenridge… you won’t be disappointed.

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