Italian Easter Dinner

So what are the things that set up the Italian dinner table on Easter Sunday? Find out why the Easter Dinner in Italy has gained world wide acclaim.

Traditionally the Italians were fond of holding Easter dinner in the outdoors. But in recent years they have begun to set the stage indoors. It is still a good idea to hold part of the Easter dinner on the outside but it all depends on the weather of your country. The first step to setting up your Easter dinner is to start cleaning up your indoors and outdoor areas. This has to be done in order to remove all the filth left behind from the winter storms. So spring cleaning precedes your Easter dinner.

Setting the stage

The Italians love to celebrate with the use of color. The traditional colors that they use to set up their dinner table for Easter are from a pastel color palette. In order to prepare a feast for the eyes to go along with the feast for the stomach the Italians pay their due diligence to create a welcoming ambiance. The use of fresh tulips to decorate the dinner table and the surrounding areas is common. Furthermore you can add a diverse range of colorful springtime bulbs in order to liven up the area.

The Italians like to really jazz up their dinner table when it comes to the Easter dinner. And this is not just in terms of food. You will find them to use some sort of drapery to cover the dinner table and yellow is the color for the linen tablecloth. This makes the bright white dinner set stand out on the yellow surface. Pink linen napkins are a common sight, folded in half almost like a tight cylinder. They even use a contrasting color paper twist in order to tie the napkins which act as a decorative element. Everything around the dinner table will be enhanced with pastel colors that will help to liven up the mood and rejuvenate the senses. The Italians often have a little Easter egg hunt activity for any of the children coming to the

The Italian Easter dinner menu

Basically the Italian dinner will give you a break from the long and cold winter dinners as it will be welcoming the spring season. The Italian Easter dinner Al Fresco kicks off with Easter Egg Cocktail which is a must have on the night. Deviled Eggs a la Dijonnaise are a common accompaniment to the dish mentioned above. For starters you will find the Italians to trust their famous Cream of Asparagus Soup. The main course for the night will consist of Greek Marinated Leg of Lamb. Greek New Potatoes will definitely be accompanying the lamb roast.

The Italian Easter dinner has a wonderful dessert section as well. Although you are free to choose from the many dessert items that are special for the day there are certain dessert items that soar far more in terms of popularity. Amongst them is the Mint Jelly which is loved by old and young alike. Artichokes with Lemon Garlic butter and of course the night is not complete without the Classic strawberry pie.

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