Mexican Sombrero

Ever wonder where that weird looking hat on Speedy Gonzales head comes from? If you are looking for the history of the Mexican sombrero hat and details about where to get it today then read on.

The world’s fourteenth largest Country, Mexico has some very unique elements in its culture. From the family traditions to the food to the unique attire accessories, Mexico stands out in a crowd that’s for sure. Amongst those things that have become part of the identity of this Spanish speaking country is the Sombrero hat. This is no ordinary hat mind you. In fact it is probably the weirdest looking hat you have ever seen but it is totally synonymous with the Mexican culture.

Looking some what like a cross between a UFO and a mushroom it is definitely something that makes the wearer stand out in the crowd. Basically it looks like a cowboy hat made for a cone head. This is because the centre of the hat is a high rising mound. The building material for sombrero hats is straw. They are woven into splendid designs and are further completed with intelligent use of color. The hat also has a chin string which helps to hold the otherwise bulky hat in place.

The Utility of the Mexican Sombrero

The hat is not just about looks. It serves a very beneficial purpose on hot sunny days in Mexico. The hat is super wide which means that it is not only effective at blocking the suns rays from directly hitting the head rather it provides a big shade. The shade that the wearer of the Sombrero gets from his hat is big enough to cover his neck and shoulders. Hence the out of the box design of the hat is actually meant for the utility of the Mexican people.

When we trace back the history of the sombrero we find that the first people to wear these hats were Mestizo workers in Mexico and some parts of southern United States. The origins of the idea are still a mystery but it is quite likely that they came up with it themselves. It could just be that the blazing sun of Texas led them to the idea of weaving out a hat from straw that protects them from the sun. Today we find that these hats have taken a sort of symbolic representation for lethargy. Moreover we find them being used in parties and as gag gifts.

Etymology of Sombrero

Somber is the Spanish word for shadow and this is where the hat is believed to have taken its name; sombrero. The media has also used the sombrero hat to stereo type a Mexican character. A great example is the animated character by the name of speedy Gonzales. The word sombrero was initially developed for the Mexican hat only. But with the passage of time other wide rimmed hats like the fedora are also classified under the umbrella term of sombrero. The sombrero is a one of a kind hat that’s for sure. It’s fantastic in terms of design as well as the utility it serves. When in Mexico these hats can be bought for a very low price from the Mexican hatters who produce hand made sombreros. Of course it doesn’t take long for things to get on the internet. This is why you will be able to find many bargain hats on the internet.

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