Best Palm Desert Restaurants For Lunch

A Palm Desert lunch can be quite a dining experience. If you would like to know about the best restaurants for Palm Desert lunches then read our guide for more facts and information…

Here we will review the top 3 choices and then throw in some additional hot spots that are must-do lunch restaurants for anyone visiting the Palm Desert area-

The #1 choice out of 217 fine restaurants in Palm Desert it is the ‘Cork Tree California Cuisine’. It is an excellent place to take large groups, hold a business dinner, entertain clients, or chase sweet romance.

This restaurant is designed with only California products in mind. They use local ingredients along with the wines of the West Coast. They feature a great patio for guests to dine out in the open air and under the sun for lunch. They are located in the Coachella Valley. There is also private dining for those who desire it.

The #2 ranking for a Palm Desert lunch goes to the ‘Grill-A-Burger’. They feature some very sloppy burgers with such flavor you will never forget them. Even those who are not normally burger people love eating burgers from here. This is an excellent stop for a desert lunch.

The Grill-A-Burger features an excellent waiting staff along with great-tasting sides for their burgers. There are fries, salads, and onion rings among many others. Their burgers are not only good but huge as well. They feature a Cobb salad and Hawaiian burger that will melt in your mouth.

At #3 for Palm Desert lunches we have ‘Sullivan’s Steakhouse’. If a good steak lights your fire then you will lot this hot spot. There are great salads to go with your excellent exemplary steak. They have an excellent staff.

If you have some special occasion and want to do ‘lunch’ with anyone this is an excellent choice. Aside from the mouth-watering steaks they have plenty of additional local cuisine on the menu. It is a great atmosphere for doing business.

Palm Desert Dining Fine Points

One thing about desert dining in Palm Desert is that while all their best restaurants feature top quality cuisine, there is also such a wide variety to choose from. If you like pizza you can head out to ‘Piero’s Pizza Vino’ and enjoy some of the best. It is all about good food and ambience. The lunch spots around the Palm Desert area believe that a good meal needs to also be fun and cater to the guests desires.

If ribs are what tickle your fancy then you can visit the ‘Trio Restaurant’. While you are there you might as well check out the Black Widow martini.  These is a  place where ‘let’s do lunch’ takes on a whole new meaning.

Whatever your mood or preferences you can find the perfect lunch spot to enjoy it. These places feature lively bar scenes and a picturesque setting all year-round. Their patio dining is climate-controlled for comfort as you eat and take in the beauty that is Palm Desert.

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