Boat Rentals Florida Keys

Boat rentals offer fully outfitted boats to enjoy the finest fishing, diving and snorkeling activities at Florida Keys, an enchanting archipelago off the tip of Florida. Read our guide for more facts and information.

Florida Keys is well known for sport fishing in its clear tropical waters amidst a year-round stunning seascape. The Keys are home to Islamorada, touted as the world’s sport-fishing capital. Boat rentals provide boats of varying sizes and styles, and come with all the necessary equipment and safety to suit your sporting needs.

What to explore on boating ventures

Boating ventures from the Florida Keys allow you to explore the backcountry and the bayside that displays a spectacular seascape. They also allow you to access the underwater life of the only living reef in North America. You can dive into the coral colonies to get a close look at a vivid and delicate ecosystem. You may explore shipwrecks, such as the American WWII freighter and Spanish treasure galleon off the Islamorada shore.

Boat sizes

Boat sizes range from 15 feet to over 30 feet to accommodate varying number of guests. A 15-foot boat is generally certified to carry 6 persons, and can be ideal for a family with children. Bigger boats are roomy with lots of deck space and additional features. For instance, a 30-foot boat has boat hull, making it far safer than a pontoon boat.

Boat types

Boat rentals are available for inshore and coastal fishing, in addition to snorkeling or diving. You can choose from aluminum all-purpose boats, multi-hull deck fishing boats, catamarans, kayaks, bass fishing boats, and more.

You can opt for skippered boats with friendly crew that will give you information on the best spots to explore.

Cost of boat rentals

Boat rentals are charged on a daily or weekly basis. The daily rental of a 15-foot boat is about $165 and that of a 30-foot boat can be as high as $600. The cost also depends on the kind of gear, such as snorkel gear, fishing rods and heavy-duty trolling rods. If you intend to drive a boat down the Keys, companies offer a trailer option for a fee.

Most companies take a deposit for reserving multi-day rentals. Some offer refunds upon cancellation, but deduct fees to cover transaction costs.


Some of the essential features that you must consider before hiring boat rentals at Florida Keys are the size, style, electronics, safety equipment and sporting gear.

You can expect a color GPS system, VHF radio and Fishfinder in most boats. Some come with a live bait-well and a bimni-top for more shade. Larger boats that are designed for serious fishermen have fish boxes, rod holders and outriggers for offshore fishing as well as trolling.

Selecting a boat rental agency

A reliable agency has a good reputation and experienced staff to provide proper guidance. Before renting a boat, you must ensure that it is fully functional and contains all the essential safety equipment.

Ask if the boats are insured; you may confirm this by requesting to see their Certificate of Insurance. It is also advisable to find out the year of make and ensure that it is equipped with a 4-stroke engine, which provides fuel-efficiency as well as safety.

When you are booking for boat rentals online, find out if the pictures posted are the actual photographs of the boat you intend to hire. This will save you disappointments later. It is also vital to ensure that the boat’s communication system is in good working condition.

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