Guerlain Paris

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Guerlain Paris is one of the leading brands of high end Parisian perfumers and cosmetics manufacturers. Guerlain Paris is known for its quality and efficiency in servicing its clients and are committed to providing exceptional products and services to those loyal to the brand. The brand is recognized as a leading perfumer, cosmetics manufacture and skin care expert.

Apart from this the brand is known for exceptional spas and treatment centers which cater to the well being of its clients and aim to provide high-quality massages and skin treatments. These services comprise of personalized facials, hand and foot treatments, body sublimation, makeup artistry and harmonizing massages.

After a day spent at the establishment of Guerlain Paris you can witness a total transformation not only in your physical appearance but also in your personal well being.

Unforgettable fragrances, shiny makeup and the ultimate in high quality skin care are what define Guerlain Paris making it one of the most endearing brands in the cosmetic industry.

History of Guerlain Paris as Perfumers

Guerlain Paris perfume bottles are timeless classics and are considered artworks which are collector’s items and also perfect for giving a special gift. The bottles are collected by fans all over the world and most of them are created by Baccarat and Raymond Guerlain themselves. Since 1975 these bottles have been crafted by Sir Robert Granai who created artworks exclusively for Guerlain Paris. From 1830 to present day the unique designs of the perfume bottles by Guerlain Paris have set the tone for high quality and innovative design in perfumery.

The main essence of Guerlain Paris perfume lies in the fact that it is easy to remember, has a balanced fragrance, a distinct personality which is strong and has clarity. The perfumers at the establishment memorize different olfactory notes and combinations and use nature as an inspiration to create a composition that is a work of art.

Guerlain Paris as A Lifestyle Choice

Guerlain Paris uses the language of emotions and sensory perception to identify a perfume matching the wearer’s personality. The intimate knowledge of how women think and what they feel is put to good use by this brand and based on this the fragrances, cosmetics, skincare regime and personal therapies are developed to suit individual needs.

Guerlain Paris offers makeup for the face which includes a range of foundations, bronzing products, face powders, blush on, make up base and corrective concealers. Each product is made of high quality ingredients and is ideal for sensitive skin.

Guerlain Paris has a beautiful range of unique eye shadows, eyeliners and pencils and also mascaras for women to beautify their eyes. This is followed by the range of products for lips like lipsticks, high quality lip gloss, lining pencils and the bases and care techniques and products.

Guerlain Paris offers a high-quality French manicure kit to allow women to groom their fingernail tips and toes for the finished look. To make the most of glowing skin the company has launched the Terracotta range with its own collection of shimmering bronze palette for the face, the eyes, lips as well as the body to make women glisten and shine with a healthy glow.

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