Breckenridge Couples Activities

Aside from being the perfect ski vacation spot, Breckenridge is great for couples and romance. For tips & info about romantic couples activities in Breckenridge read on…

Whether you are planning a destination wedding, honeymoon or just a romantic weekend for two, Breckenridge is a great place for lovers. A variety of accommodations from hotels, to condos to vacation homes allows couples to choose the amount of privacy and comfort they prefer. There are year round activities to meet every taste and budget.

Peak Nine Dinner Sleigh Rides

What could be more romantic than a ride on a horse drawn sleigh? Couples can cuddle on their way to a delightful dinner with musical entertainment for an enjoyable night on the town. No need to worry about a designated driver since transportation is provided so couples can just relax and enjoy an enchanted evening together. The Peak Nine Dinner Sleigh Ride is a great way to for couples to celebrate an anniversary or just the pleasure of each other’s company.

Hot Air Ballon Rides

Soaring silently among the majestic mountain peaks of the Rockies is an experience that couples should not miss. During the summer months, hot air ballon rides are available at Colorado Rocky Ballooning LLC which is located in the town of Breckenridge. Since summertime high temperatures in Breckenridge are only about 73 degrees, visitors should bring warmer clothing since it is cooler at the higher altitudes reached during balloon rides.

Blue River Bikeway

Active couples can enjoy bicycling along the Blue River Bikeway, a scenic trail in the Breckenridge area. The first few miles of the trail border the Dillon Reservoir, but some visitors have complained that farther along, the 11 mile trail is too close to the noise of the interstate highway. The Blue River Bikeway gives access to other trails including the trail around Dillon Reservoir and the Ten Mile Canyon Trail, both of which received high marks from reviewers.

Breckenridge Activities, Horseback Riding

A great way for couples to enjoy a scenic tour of the area and a great meal is to join a breakfast or dinner ride on the lovely trails in the area. Horseback riding in the crisp mountain air can work up a good appetite by the time the mountain eatery is reached and it can only be reached by horseback, so there are no crowds of people waiting to be seated. Horseback riding tours can be booked through the resort or local Breckenridge riding stables.

Breckenridge Activities, Tubing

While a day of skiing can be fun, couples who want to try something different can experience snow tubing on several tubing trails. Tubes can be rented at the trails and a lift is provided to tow the tubes up the slopes. Sorry, couples cannot double up in tubes and each person must ride separately to insure safety. Even though couples cannot ride in the same tube, they can still have great fun participating in this unusual winter sport.

Concerts and Theater

There are a number of concert and theater venues in the Breckenridge area including the Speakeasy Movie Theater and the BackStage Theater. The Speakeasy is a state of the art movie theater which service spirits during screenings, and the Backstage Theater features live performances by a local amateur acting troop. Couples should check ticket availability for concerts and theater performances when booking their trip to make sure they get the tickets they want.

Sol Impressions Massage Studio

A couples massage is a great way to relax after a day of skiing, biking or hiking, and the relaxing Asian ambiance of the Sol Impressions Massage Studio in Breckenridge is the perfect place for a massage.The studio offers Swedish and Tibetan Massage as well as steam treatments and aromatherapy. The also have a unique High Altitude massage that combines several therapies for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Everyone knows that Breckenridge has great skiing and winter sports, but there are lots of year round activities for couples to enjoy. It’s a great place for a destination wedding since guests can also choose from a variety of entertainments suited to every age and taste. Couples can find plenty of ways to enjoy some private time together in Breckenridge, Colorado.

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