Breckenridge Outdoor Ice Skating

If you want to go Breckenridge outdoor ice skating, one of your safest choices is at The Ice Rink at Breckenridge Gold Run Nordic Center which is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. seasonally as conditions permit. Continue reading for more facts about Breckenridge outdoor ice skating…

You do not have to pay to go Breckenridge outdoor ice skating unless you need to rent a pair of skates. However, a Breckenridge ice arena such as Stephen C. West will cost you a daily entrance fee. If you plan to go multiple times, you can get a multi-day or season pass. Daily rates start at about $8 while skate rentals incur an additional $4 charge.

Breckenridge Ice Rink Schedule

The Breckenridge ice rink schedule for the Stephen C. West facility varies according to the day of the week and the time of the year. Stephen C. West Breckenridge ice rink hours range from 8 a.m. to midnight. Public skating is available every day for at least one hour. The rink often has disco-themed skate nights. During the holidays, family-oriented ice shows are held. You can also get your skates sharpened when the arena is open to the public.

Breckenridge Ice Skating Maggie Pond

For Breckenridge ice skating maggie pond, go to the base of Peak 8 in the center of The Village. Unlike The Ice Rink at Breckenridge Gold Run Nordic Center, Maggie Pond is lighted and open until 10 p.m. conditions permitting. You can rent skates at the pond.

Be Safe

Outdoor ice skating requires special care. Do not simply find a pond or lake and start skating. Unusually warm weather can cause “rotten” or potentially dangerous ice. When skating outside even at a public venue, consider skating in pairs or groups especially if you are inexperienced. Whether skating outside or indoors, bundle up in your warmest winter gear. Dress in layers in case you get too cold or too hot.  Bring plenty of water to drink because you can still get dehydrated even in cold weather.

Breckenridge Ice Hockey Rink

Stephen C. West Ice Arena also serves as a Breckenridge ice hockey rink. Again, ice hockey times depend upon the day and time of the year of your visit. You can rent all the hockey equipment you need on site. The arena as well as professionals throughout the area offer private and group ice hockey, ice skating, figure skating and roller skating lessons for adults and children alike. The facility also has a pro shop where you can buy equipment and souvenirs. Adult and youth hockey leagues and tournaments are offered. The arena can accommodate large groups for special event such as birthday parties. You can also arrange to rent part or all of Stephen C. West Ice Arena.

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