Breckenridge Quandary Condos

If you are interested in owning a permanent residence or a weekend getaway just a few miles south of downtown Breckenridge Colorado, the Quandary Breckenridge condominiums might be just what you are looking for. To learn more about these affordable condos and the surrounding area, read our guide for more information and facts about living near one of the most breath-taking mountains of the BreckenridgePeaks.

Breckenridge Quandary village is a quiet secluded community located just 8 miles south of the town of Breckenridge. The approximate 100 homes that were built along with about 200 vacant parcels of land in this subdivision are considered some of the most affordable homes in all Summit County. These homes and lots have spectacular mountain views of Quandary Peak, Red Mountain, North Star Mountain, and magnificent valley views of Breckenridge. Some of the more affordable real estate in this area is the Quandary Breckenridge Condominiums.

These dwellings were constructed in 1968 and are located in Blue River approximately 4 miles south of downtown Breckenridge. This residential area is especially appealing for locals and those looking for a vacation getaway because they are priced at the low end of the housing market and are more affordable than other real estate properties in the area.If you are thinking of purchasing or renting a home in Quandary village you will experience Alpine living at its best.

Breckenridge Quandary Peak

Breckenridge’s Quandary Peak is located just 6 miles southwest of Breckenridge on Colorado 9. It is considered a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts year round and skiers in the winter months. This particular peak which is a part of the Ten mile mountain range is known as one of the Fourteeners; which means it is one of the mountains in Colorado that is above 14,000 feet. In actuality its elevation at the peak of the summit is 14,265 feet.

BreckenridgeQuandary hike

If you are the type of person that likes hiking and enjoys a challenge then the trails on Quandary Peak will be worth your while. Quandary Peak is considered one of the easier peaks to hike in the area, but make no mistake, any hiker will expend quite a lot of their energy hiking up to Quandary’s summit. This hike begins the ascent as soon as you start out. Its trail courses through forests, mining roads, and sections of rock stairs before you reach the top of the summit. The top of the summit offers magnificent views of Ten Mile Mountain and Gore Mountain ranges along with the breath-taking views of the Blue Lake.

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