Carnival Paradise Cruise Long Beach California

Interested in the Carnival Paradise Cruises from Long Beach California? Learn more about the cruises and enjoy the Carnival Paradise Cruise in Long Beach California…

Carnival Paradise cruises run throughout the coast of California to Baja. They’re reminiscent of the Hollywood feel and aim to create fun for everyone. It’s possible to just simply get swimsuits and shades and enjoy the three swimming pools on top of the ship deck. You can eat delectable cuisine like sushi and then enjoy the duty-free Carnival Paradise shops at the six-story atrium lounge. Why not enjoy the spa treatment on top of the cruise ship?

You can take a cruise to Baja California on this ship that is reminiscent of the Shangri-La. The Carnival Paradise cruise ship is registered in Panama. It is possible to plan your own cruise and get special offers. In order to instill a fun atmosphere you can even have Carnival fun designs create your own T-shirts before you take off or the cruise.

Highlights of the Carnival Paradise Cruise in Long Beach California

The amazing Carnival Paradise fun fight twister waterslides are very popular. There are three decks of twisting and turning fun in the water. All age groups can enjoy splashing and squishing in the water. An adult only retreat is known as the Serenity Section. This is the kid free zone that is considered the hub of relaxation for adults. You can just sit on the hot tub or sit under a big umbrella and enjoy the view of the ocean.

For children there is the Circle C, which is the gaming and video section. You can watch late-night movies, enjoy a karaoke and party there for kids to ages 12 and 14, and enjoy the video games. The Club O2 is designed for age groups 15 to 17. You can have music, video games, friends and food, along with a lot of fun. This offers a great hangout point for teenagers without getting bored on a cruise.

The reason for the success of the Carnival Paradise cruises in Long Beach California is mainly that they cater to all age groups. It provides safety and good fun without going overboard.

Each age group is pampered with exciting things to do and there is not a moment of boredom. The aim is to create fun for all age groups and then leave customers and clients pampered with the best experience on board.

Exciting Activities on the Carnival Paradise Cruise

If you want to stay connected to those on land, you can use the Internet café to send e-mails. You can enjoy the Paris restaurant, and the Carnival Paradise Lido deck is the place to have the best menu. From seafood to poultry and fast food to ice cream, the dessert menu is extensive and delectable.

In order to relax try lounging around, chitchatting and chilling or meet with your friends and family in the Leonardo lounge. The Show and Tell lounge, also known as Normandy, has a turntable, orchestra pit and a fabulous speaker system that is recessed. For those who love golf there is an amazing and terrific mini golf section. The nine hole mini golf course is right on the Carnival Paradise Cruise ships sundeck. Even though you might not have a full golf course, you surely won’t miss it with the fun that you can have with mini golf.

When you go to the grand atrium plaza you think that you’re in a shopping mall! With the sheer expanse and height of the atrium it is an amazing view to behold and enjoy tons of shopping on the ship. You can get gifts for friends and enjoy exciting shopping opportunities for yourself.

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