Cavalier King Charles Breeders Northern California

Looking for a Cavalier King Charles breeder in Northern California? Learn more about the small spaniel breed known as the Cavalier King Charles and breeders in northern California…

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a very small breed of dog. It is often considered a toy dog and is reputed to be the most popular dog in the UK. It is becoming increasingly popular in the United States where larger dogs are preferable.

Physical Characteristics

Considered a smaller breed of the spaniel dog, it has an undocked tail. The adults can grow up to be very small and retain the same size as the adolescent dogs of similar spaniel breeds. Aa silky coat of basically four colors are acceptable for the breed. These include the tricolor, which is a combination of tanned, black and white, and Blenheim or the combination of black/ tan, and the unique ruby.

The dog is preferred because it is a very affectionate and can thrive well with both animals and children. Historically it has the same lineage as the smaller King Charles spaniel that lasted till 1920.

However, following that the breeders for King Charles started creating a spaniel that resembles Charles II of England’s restoration. The King Charles has changed drastically in the 17th century since it was bred with flat nosed dogs. However, there is a return to the basic type of spaniel as the Cavalier matches those dogs that were prevalent before interbreeding.

Health Issues

The most severe disease that the Cavalier Charles spaniel suffers from is the mitral valve disease. This causes heart failure in the dog. This does occur in most of the Cavaliers at any point of their life, and is the most commonly known cause of death in the breed.

Therefore, when you buy the Cavalier Charles spaniel dog you should check with the breeders to see what health issues the puppy carries. In northern California you will find reputable breeders who will provide certificates to confirm  health and originality.

Breeders in North California

You can find Cavaliers of Fairhaven by Angela Schuller who is considered a quality breeder. The focus is on strong health of the puppies and this is guaranteed. Proper socializing, mind and body soundness, and optimum health are what the breed offers under this program.

The ruby puppies offered by Lynlee Cavaliers run by Linda Lee of Crestline, Ca are adorable and healthy. They are not grown in a kennel and are considered pre-spoiled. They are sold only to loving homes. They are provided with a health guarantee and a health certificate from AKC & OFA. The Hurricane Cavaliers bred by Donna Ehmann are healthy and well socialized puppies available in all four colors. Again they are bred in the house and grown and socialized in a good environment.

It is possible to get a host of reputable breeder information for King’s Charles Cavalier spaniels online. Once you are aware of the breed and its characteristics, it is possible to select a puppy that is healthy and will grow up into a good adult.

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