Costa Tropicana Spain

The region off Costa Tropicana is a long coastal strip in the province of Andalusia. It is one of the regions that is still relatively unknown to outsiders despite the fact that it is a place of remarkable beauty. Not only is the place unspoiled by tourism but it also maintains the traditional Spanish culture which has slowly faded away in other parts of the country.

The coastal strip commences east of the Costa del Sol. It stretches all the way up to the region of Nerja. The region of La Herradura and other areas around are regarded as being the center of attraction in Costa Tropicana. However this belt extends all the way up to Motril.

This entire region is blessed with awe-inspiring scenery that is composed of the Sierra Nevada Mountains that can be seen all along the coast. One will find the coastal lines to be dotted with stunning villas that offer a brilliant view of the sea with the mountains as a backdrop. On the other hand one will have the opportunity to witness white washed village houses that stand as a fine monument to traditional Spain. In recent years the government has initiated many different commercial and residential property projects in the coastal region. As a result all kinds of coastal apartments are also available in the region.

One of the more popular regions along the coast is Salobrena. Over the course of history this region has had many different names. It is known for its fertile lands and has served as home to many different civilizations. Historical evidences suggest that the region was occupied during the Neolithic period by semi-nomadic shepherds. Later the Phoenicians established their civilization in this Spanish coastal region. By the 6th century the Carthaginians made their way to the region and establish their rule there.

Salobrena also served as an important port during the time of Roman domination. This was primarily because it was connected to Malaka and Castula. Later on the region came under Moorish Rule. During their reign it was transformed into one of the best-fortified regions along the Spanish coast. The unique planning of the town along with its heavy fortifications today attracts many visitors from across the globe.

Motril is another important territory along the Costa Tropicana. Over the course of history many civilizations have reaped the riches of this land. It was known for its fertile plains which were used for agricultural purposes. Motril is particularly noted for its sugar cane industry and a large cultivation of sub-tropical fruits. Visitors to the region will also be able to find stately, traditional Spanish homes in the coastal village that forms part of the Costa Tropicana.


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