Chula Vista California Homes For Sale Real Estate

Investing in Chula Vista, California real estate? Read our guide for tips on how to find the best homes for sale in Chula Vista, California…

Found inbetween San Diego Bay and the beautiful coastal mountain foothills, Chula Vista is a piece of paradise. Despite the fact that it is the seventh largest city in California, its scenic beauty remains untouched and looking into Chula Vista, California homes for sale real estate is highly recommended.

Although having a scenic view outside our window is something that we all crave for, just going ahead on that whim and buying a house in Chula Vista is not something a rational person should do. There are many things to consider when buying a house.

Living In Chula Vista:

Chula Vista is warm in the summers with temperatures staying in between 20C to 25C. Winters are not overly cold either, as Chula Vista is a coastal area and the temperatures usually vary from 7C to 10C. The warmest month of the year is September, with temperatures of 25C. The coldest month of the year is December, which has average temperatures of 7C. Day and night temperatures do not vary drastically during summers but vary moderately during winters.

The annual rainfall in Chula Vista is only 9.95 inches and March is the wettest month, having 2.07 inches of rainfall on an average. This ensures that rain will not be ruining any picnic that you may want to plan.

Recreational Activities:

Considering Chula Vista, California homes for sale real estate will enable you to be in touch with sports, if nothing else. Not only does Chula Vista offer Olympic training centers that function all year round, but it is also the home to the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater.

Also the Chula Vista Marina is a great place for anyone who has even the mildest affection for boats. The dock is not crowded and is well organized to ensure that the maximum boats can dock there. The Caribbean waters are calm and perfect for those interested in having a fun day on their boat. In addition, there are bars and restaurants located on the dock, making your boating experience even more special.

Surrounding the Marina are open spaces and some golf courses too, making it a perfect spot for those interested in keeping fit by having fun. Chula Vista is also home to Knott’s Soak City US, which is an exhilarating water park with about 22 of the most extreme water rides. For those preferring a more peaceful life rather than go wild on the rides and go boat riding, Chula Vista has the Nature Center, which gives you a chance to look at marine animals, birds and mammals alike.

Chula Vista Homes For Sale:

When you are looking into Chula Vista, California homes for sale real estate, you should look out for the following housing developments, including the ones in the neighborhoods of Eastlake, Rancho del Rey and Otay Ranch. Also remember that, like most parts of the world, Chula Vista is also growing at a fast rate, with most major developments happening under the household development schemes. So start searching for homes for sale now, to get the best of both worlds.

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