Crescent City California Homes For Sale

Looknig for real estate in Crescent City California? Learn more about homes for sale in Crescent City…

When you’re searching for houses for sale in Crescent City, California you’ll come across different types of properties. From waterfront homes to new and independent homes, to foreclosures and land to construct your own home on, you can find a plethora of options. The real estate market is very strong in this area, and you can also find multifamily homes.

The prices in the region start from half a million all the way through $2 million depending on the style of home that you purchase. Some communities have independent townhouses while others have two or three homes on an estate.

Still other properties are built independently and have vast areas of greenery and landscaping around them. You can even use an online calculator to conduct a home valuation for the homes through an agent that works in your area. Since the real estate market in Crescent City California is a thriving and booming one at all times, you will be able to find a plethora of homes for great prices.

Real Estate  Available in Crescent City California

There are many properties located right on the coastal highway, which borders the Pacific Ocean. You can get a home that is walking distance from the beach and harbor. These are semi detached homes that are connected to other houses in a row, but offer a private front yard and backyard along with a porch. The entrance is completely personalized with an entryway, and you can find anywhere from two to four bedroom houses for sale on the main water front.

A perfect opportunity for those who like water sports and activities, you can head out to the beach and enjoy fishing and surfing along with swimming. The homes normally come with cedar siding and are a great location for house parties. Along with the red oak flooring and stone fireplaces, you can get a dumbwaiter and a fully equipped kitchen.

Homes For Sale In Crescent City California

When it comes to real estate property in Crescent City, California you can find a two or three bedroom house that is independent. It is also possible to get multiunit homes for a larger family. A beautiful property is available as two houses constructed on one plot of land. Each one has three bedrooms and two baths in the main house, as well a guestroom and one guest bath. It is considered a land that has great quality bottom land soil and lies on the river banks of the Smith River.

Beautiful South bank offers a great location. The right property and the perfect ocean parcel are available in the S. Indian Rd. properties. Pacific Avenue is also a wonderful place for newly constructed homes that are just five minutes away from the beach. The three-bedroom residences are perfect for the moderate sized family. You can also find single-family homes in the area. The prices are moderate to high and you can get resident lakes built on your home property depending on the size of the estate.

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