Things to do in Pamplona

Are you going on holiday to Pamplona in Spain? Want to know what sights & activities there are in Pamplona in Spain? Our guide gives you the facts and information you’ll want to know about Pamplona in Spain.

Pamplona is situated in the North of Spain in the Navarra region. Despite its relatively small population of less than 200,000 people, Pamplona plays an important role in this region of Spain. The name Pamplona derives from its Roman founder Pompey and in later times was the capital of an independent kingdom of Navarra in Spain. Since then Pamplona’s economic survival has been ensured by a steady stream of Christian pilgrims from Spain and abroad who pass through Pamplona on their way to Santiago.Pamplone is famour primarily for its annual festival of San Fermin in which the famous running of the bulls takes place.

Parks in Pamplona in Spain

With its temperate climate and rich soil, Pamplona has three parks of significant size for you to enjoy while visiting Pamplona. Aside from the relaxingly lush greenery the parks of Pamplona are built on the old city walls which are still just about visible.  The parks in Pamplona are open all day and close at 9:30 pm in the evening.

The Navarra Museum of Pamplona in Spain

The Navarra Museum deals with the history of this region in Spain, including Pamplona, from the times of the earliest known settlements. The archaeological artefacts on display at this museum in Pamplona date back to Roman and Visigoth times. Entrance to this museum in Pamplona costs 2 Euros and is free on Sundays.

The Cathedral of Pamplona in Spain

The Cathedral is the main site in the centre of Pamplona and is open for visitors to tour. The highlight of a visit to this cathedral in Pamplona is the tomb of Carlos III who was the local ruler of the Navarra kingdom in Spain. Apart from the tomb, visitors to the cathedral in Pamplona can see a fair sized display of religious art mostly from the Roman and Gothic eras in Spain. Guided tours of this cathedral in Pamplona are available daily.

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